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Tips On How To Buy Laptop Memory

Tips On How To Buy Laptop Memory


Tips On How To Buy Laptop Memory

by Milrika Ekilski

When you have a feeling that your laptop is behaving like a snail, it is time you think of upgrading your RAM. Laptop memory is just the most important factor that determines the speed of execution of any computer. This article will help you in your process of purchasing a new RAM fro your laptop

One of the most important things you must first know before you can think of upgrading your Ram is the exact number of Ram your computer currently possess. To find out this information, you may take a look at your user manual (if you still have it). In case you have lost the user manual, you will need to find the information by clicking on the System icon located in the control panel menu.

Now that you have found out how much memory the computer is having, you can begin calculating how much is needed. You may base your estimate on the programs you often run. If you use applications which consume low Ram like Yahoo Messenger, you do not need much RAM. But if you are required to work with heavyweight programs like Photoshop, you definitely need to upgrade your computer memory.

You also need you consider another issue before you buy your RAM. It is the maximum amount of RAM a computer can handle. For Windows Vista, you can have up to 4 GB of RAM, but if you happen to run Windows XP, the maximum amount is 2 GB. Therefore, if you try to add more than 2 GB to a computer running windows XP, you are wasting your money.

Having determined the amount of Ram you will need, now you can start choosing a perfect RAM for your computer. You can buy online or in store. There are some great sites like Amazon which offers several RAM model at great price.

To ensure compatibility, you must first check the Ram model to see if it is good for your computer. This can be done very easily.

You just need to google to find out the specifications of your computer. Just type in your laptop model and Google will show you specific information including the most compatible RAM for your computer.

After you have bought the RAM, you can begin the upgrade process. Your laptop memory will be increased and your computer will run faster. The task is comparatively quite easy. After reading through this article, I hope you now know how to choose the best RAM for your laptop.

About the Author:
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