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Tips on Buying Motorcycle Saddlebags

Tips on Buying Motorcycle Saddlebags


Tips on Buying Motorcycle Saddlebags

by Hermon Dougson

Saddlebags are a necessary accessory for motorcycles, especially on long journeys. Without them, its difficult, or even impossible, to carry your essentials! Likewise, motorcycle saddlebags keep everything safe during your perfect ride. The fact is, motorcycle saddlebags are a major essential accessory for anyone who plans to drive their bike for any length of time or distance!

While saddlebags are designed to carry your belongings, it is imperative to use them properly. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about choosing, caring for, and using your motorcycle saddlebags.

It is important to always use a high quality cleaner, especially if the saddlebags are made of leather. Before using any of these cleaning solutions, be certain that they are not made with harmful chemicals. Avoid costly mistakes by checking the label, and opt for a mild solution. If you are uncertain about what is and what is not a harmful chemical, ask a leather goods expert. When in doubt, dilute the solution with water, then clean with a soft, clean cloth.

For a longer life, you must always maintain your saddlebag through proper care and cleaning. Never over clean your motorcycle saddlebags. Leather conditioners should be applied occasionally, not after every cleaning. Doing so will maintain good elasticity and suppleness in your leather. Likewise, never allow petrol byproducts to come into contact with your saddlebag.

There is a wide assortment and variety in motorcycle saddlebags on the market today. Purchasing a new motorcycle saddlebag is a decision that should not be taken lightly. When choosing a new saddlebag, buy the one that is right for your motorcycle and for you. If allowable, try it out on your bike before purchase. Consider the two different types of saddlebags: throw-over or bolt-on. The first is easier to remove while the latter is more secure. Also, consider if the saddlebag has a lock, which will give you peace of mind as you travel. Check the buckles for easy use, good quality, and quick release.

Finally, consider the appearance of the motorcycle saddlebags over time. You can expect the leather to sag as it is exposed to the elements. Choose a saddlebag with metal frame reinforcement for optimal durability. Likewise, any decorations or embellishments should be stainless steel, since brass will rust and ruin the surrounding leather. Remember, the saddlebag might look great, but that does not mean that it is a good quality one!

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