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Three Reasons You Should Never Talk To The Cops

Three Reasons You Should Never Talk To The Cops


Three Reasons You Should Never Talk To The Cops

by Allister McJones

We've all heard the old adage that you shouldn't talk to the cops if they suspect you committed a crime. Something like "how did the fish get caught? He opened his mouth," or something similar. But when it gets down to brass tacks, people rarely follow that advice. I'm a Seattle DUI defense attorney, so I know first hand. I see it every day.

And I also know how hard it can be not to talk. In many instances people just don't understand what they are doing. They think the cops are truly "investigating" and not out looking for somebody to arrest. And they let the police officers take advantage of their authority in bad ways. But I've got some information for you I think might help.

The first thing you need to understand is you aren't as smooth as you think you are. As you are rattling on and on about whatever the cops are asking about they aren't believing a word you are saying. They'll just let you talk and talk until eventually you say too much and they can arrest you. Don't be fooled at this stage of the game.

Next, comes your super sleuth abilities. In reality, you don't have any. People think they can outsmart the cops all the time. Trust me when I say you can't. Do you know what wins investigations and court cases? Limited evidence. Don't talk, stop the investigation in its tracks, and thank me later.

Third, not talking to the cops won't hurt you. If you tell cops they don't want to talk, they won't be happy. They'll ask why your hiding stuff. They'll stomp their feet. But they won't be able to use your silence against you later. And you'll severely limit their case against you.

As a Seattle criminal attorney, I witness over and over again the problems that arise from talking to the cops. I never see any problems arising from not talking to the cops - problems don't exist. Next time the cops want to talk to you, tell them no and tell them you want to talk to a criminal lawyer.

About the Author:
If you're in Seattle and end up being investigated for DUI, don't wait until it's too late, keep quiet and ask for a Seattle DUI attorney. It'll help you tremendously.

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