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Three Inexpensive Ways To Go On A Date

Three Inexpensive Ways To Go On A Date


Three Inexpensive Ways To Go On A Date

by Marc Sandford

A date can easily cost hundreds of dollars. If you make the right choices, this doesn't have to happen to you. With a little imagination and some planning in advance, your inexpensive date can be anything but cheap.

As a matter of fact, the date may be more romantic than what you normally do. This is because both of you aren't doing the usual things together. Habitual activities are forgotten quickly and virtually kill romance.

An inexpensive date can have plenty of emotional arousal and excitement. So forget the expensive dinner and movie date and consider the following tips.

1.) The picnic. The cost of this only depends on the type of food you bring. And this will be far cheaper than what you would spend on a dinner date.

Bring along sandwiches. Or with a bit more effort, you can bring some fried chicken and potato salad. And bring some wine and cheese to facilitate the romance.

Alternatively, you could bring your grill, and whatever you want to grill and have a barbeque picnic.

2.) Large college campuses typically have plenty of social events happening. They are usually quite varied and inexpensive. This is because students live on a budget and large universities attract students from home and abroad.

This guarantees that a lot of different activities are available. So pick one of these activities and make it a date.

3.) If a big city is your home, visit a local park. Large metropolitan areas usually have big parks with plenty of outdoor food stands, duck ponds, and concerts. Make sure that your outing takes in everything that the park has to offer.

Bring some bread to feed the ducks or you can literally go fly a kite. If it is wintertime, try the skating rink.

With a fair amount of thought and planning, an inexpensive date can be romantic, exciting, and definitely not cheap.

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