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Thoughts On Nuclear Power as a Source Of Emission Free Energy

Thoughts On Nuclear Power as a Source Of Emission Free Energy


Thoughts On Nuclear Power as a Source Of Emission Free Energy

by Evans D. Smith

For decades, the terms nuclear power have sent feelings of fear in those hearing them. We have all been influenced by the movies and reports on the devastating impact that nuclear power can have on our Nation. However, nuclear power can also be a positive thing for our Nation, offering as an alternate source of emission free energy. Used properly, nuclear reactions can be used to generate energy in the forms of heat and electricity.

Few people notice that many nations, including the U. S. are using nuclear power as a power source. The US uses nuclear power to provide up to twenty percent of the final use. Other states use it a load more. As an example, France produces up to eighty percent of its power from nuclear power.

Not only is nuclear power able to produce emissions free energy, research indicates that using it can help reverse the greenhouse effects. That is one of the main reason environmentalists are pushing so hard for nuclear power to replace the use of fossil fuels. The issue has been pushed to the back burner for decades. However, the government and the people have found a renewed interest in nuclear power as an energy source due to the continuous rise in the price of oil. The average citizen is frustrated and worried about the high price of gas, with no relief in sight.

Some developers worry about the risk of building nuclear power plants. Special designs are being considered to help prevent accidents from occurring. Another concern is the possibility of radioactive contamination from such nuclear power plants. It seems everyone wants to use the energy, yet no one wants a plant to be built in their area. Further worries involve nuclear power plants being used in terrorists attacks.

The prospect of using nuclear power as an emissions free energy source is very good. With the right technology, it may one day replace fossil fuels as our main source of energy. Doing so would result in the United States being less dependent on other countries that supply us with vast amounts of oil. Until the actual risk can be assessed, this idea will continue to be in the works with the government, researchers, and designers.

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