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Their Care Free Computing

Their Care Free Computing


Their Care Free Computing

by David Trumble

My wife is the typical grandmother. Everything revolves around her grandchildren and her sewing. She is no computer expert by any means, however, she loves taking digital pictures and emailing them all over the country. One day she was in her second sewing room where she keeps her computer, when she let out this unmistakable cry, David! I knew something was wrong. So I rushed in to find out what was happening. There she was pointing to her PC. Something is wrong.

I just about died. A sudden hollow feeling swelled up inside of me. What is all of that? Can I get rid of that? What If I lose all my business data???? What if my desktop CPU completely crashes, then what will I do????

Perhaps, something like that has happened to you. I understand that something like 97% of all windows PCs today have infections. Not all of them are as obvious. Not all of them are as damaging. Not all of them are even noticed by the average computer user. But they are there consuming desktop CPU memory; slowing the computer down; interfering with desktop CPU operations.

I have read about many kinds of issues like worms, Trojan horses, phishing, adware, spyware, viruses, and malware. Whatever the experts may call them, these pests can really mess up a desktop CPU big time. I am told that there are three chief placed where these pests hide: temporary internet files, temporary windows files, and in the operating system itself. To get a desktop CPU running properly means getting rid of the infection.

When it happened to me, I did not know what to do. I ran Nortons. I downloaded Adware and spyware programs and ran them. I ran every kind of program I could think of. Hour after hour I struggled scanning, quarantining, deleting, scanning again, quarantining, deleting. Again and again.

Since we had no answers, we picked up the PC and drove to the store where we bought it. We thought it was under warranty. Sure! We quickly learned the warranty did not apply. The store technician told us it would be two to three weeks and would cost us $300 or more. I thought to myself, We only paid $750.

In the middle of all this frustration, I saw an ad for free virus removal. I thought, This could be good. When I investigated further, I learned that new technologies now enable a technician to remote connect to my desktop CPU from almost anywhere and fix it better and faster than in a desktop CPU shop. Not only does this option save time and money, it even lets the desktop CPU service company keep my desktop CPU running care free month after month.

As I understand it remote PC repair is the newest advancement in desktop CPU servicing. From hundreds of miles away, a technician can identify what is wrong and in most cases fix it right over the internet. Amazing.

Well he convinced me that remote desktop CPU repair is the wave of my future. He even set up a monitoring service to make sure I could enjoy carefree computing month after month.

About the Author:
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