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The Twilight Saga Collection - A Gorgeous Collection

The Twilight Saga Collection - A Gorgeous Collection


The Twilight Saga Collection - A Gorgeous Collection

by Regina Bryce

The Twilight Saga Collection is a great value for anyone thinking about getting into Stephenie Meyers' Twilight series, since it not only offers all four books, i.e. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn for an unbeatable price, it also comes in a beautiful keepsake box. I already own all four books, but I purchased this gorgeous box set as well, which I can keep as a souvenir, and then use the other books as reading copies.

If you are new to the series, the books are in the this order: Twilight - Bella Swan moves to a small town near Seattle called Forks and meets Edward Cullen, an enigmatic student at her high school who turns out to be a vampire and lives with his clan in a magnificent mansion. As the romance between Bella and Edward blossom, they have to face obstacles such as the physical 'constraints' of being in a mortal-vampire relationship, facing objections from their respective families, and threats from other more vicious vampires.

New Moon - Edward and Bella are parted and Bella is so heartbroken that her life becomes empty and without direction. Enter Jacob Black, the tall, dark and handsome friend from the reservation, La Push who provides Bella with not only friendship but someone she can trust and rely on during a desperate time. Of course, nothing in Bella Swan's life is ever quite so simple and complications crop up once again.

Eclipse - Edward and Bella are back together, much to the disappointment and disgust of Jacob Black, himself now an other-worldly being. Will he convince Bella that he is more worthy of her love or will Edward prevail?

Breaking Dawn - the final instalment in the series. Edward, Bella and Jacob feature prominently here, with the most pivotal question - will Bella sacrifice her mortality for an immortal life with Edward? If so, what are the repercussions?

In the end, the Twilight series makes for a compelling and enjoyable reading experience and this one of a kind boxed set is definitely something worth getting and cherishing for both die-hard fans and new readers.

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