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The Top 5 Buildings To See in St. Louis

The Top 5 Buildings To See in St. Louis


The Top 5 Buildings To See in St. Louis

by Mark Bradley

There are countless buildings in St. Louis to tour in the city, but here's a top 5 list of the notorious St. Louis favorites. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these structures the next time you're in that wild town known as St. Louis!

1. The Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

This structure is located at the Riverfront in downtown St. Louis. It is probably the most iconic and familiar structure in St. Louis. The architects, Eero Saarinen & Associates, were in charge of building the structure back in 1965. Today it continues to bring in quite a few tourists. The people of St. Louis are proud of this structure, and you'll see why when you visit it for yourself.

2. The Old Cathedral of St. Louis (Basilica of St. Louis, King of France)

This is the oldest and stunning cathedral west of the Mississippi. Built by Joseph C. Laveille and George Morton, it was constructed on privately owned land in the Memorial development area. The site was reserved for church construction in 1764. The present day cathedral is actually the fourth church to be built on the site.

3. The Old Courthouse

Located on Broadway and Chestnut, as well as Market and 4th street, this great old courthouse takes up an entire block of St. Louis. Architects Henry Singleton, Robert S. Mitchell, and William Rumbold take the credit for this one. This great building is a precursor to the dome found on the US capital building in Washington during the Civil War. The Dred Scott case was heard here, the verdict of which was a catalyst to the Civic War in the US.

4. The Wainwright Building in St. Louis

The infamous Wainwright Building is located at 709 Chestnut Street. Although it has undergone renovations by other architects, its original mastermind architects were Adler & Sullivan. The Wainwright Building is referred to as the first American skyscraper. This places it in the book of legends in American architecture. Just as Frank Lloyd Wright once commented, "The Wainwright is a monument to the first perception of the tall building as a harmonious unit - its height triumphant." The building was purchased by the state of Missouri in 1981. The only open area to the public is the lobby. However, you can still see the faade from outside.

5. The Old Post Office

The Old Post Office encompasses Olive, Locust, Eights and Ninth Streets. The architecture can be credited to Alfred B. Mullet, with restoration projects commissioned by other architects. This historic building was originally built to be a federal court and customs house, but is currently houses a nice restaurant, library, as well as some corporations. It has a stunning fortress-likes granite exterior.

St. Louis has 5 exceptional buildings, but there is one structure in particular that should be noted. This is Thomas P. Barnett's great Spanish Mission style building. It is definitely a sight to see with its Art Deco influence. It is located at 3207 Washington Ave.

T.P. Barnett is son of George I. Barnett, another famous architect in St. Louis. The T.P. Barnett building is particularly interesting because it also has Art Deco influences, making it one of the most unique buildings in the Grand Center region of St. Louis. Certainly the next time you're in St. Louis, you need to visit this Spanish Revival building on Washington Avenue.

About the Author:
Art Deco and Spanish Mission Style Architecture is part of some of the classic buildings of Missouri. To download the original plans of the Thomas P Barnett Historic Building or go here to find out more about St Louis Commercial Real Estate For Sale

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