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The System And I No Longer Related

The System And I No Longer Related


The System And I No Longer Related

by Mike McClain

I am sure that you can probably relate to the following statements that I heard when I was growing up. If you really want in life the one way you are going to get it is by working for it.Your future will be secure if you find a good company to work for and then give them 30 or 40 years of your life. The rich continue to get richer and the poor just get poorer. I have also probably asked the same questions a lot of people ask. Isn't there a way that is better to continue to support my family without giving up so much time to be with them? Why couldn't I have entered this world rich instead of good looking? Doesn't it always seem to work out for the other guy?

I retired from FedEx in February 2009 but it wasn't exactly time to do so age wise. I owned my route with them so the responsibilities were a little greater than punching the time clock and making my deliveries and then punching that same clock to go home. For the last 18 and a half years, pardon the cliche, I found myself literally married to that truck but in my case it was 2 trucks. The previous 18 and a half years were in the same business only working for them and not myself. I went from the bread and cake delivery to the small package courier to owning my own route and 2 trucks. After 37 years in the delivery business and jumping on and off trucks I took a look back and realized that I had really missed a lot during the years my children were growing up.

Understand I am not reaching for sympathy here but as in the case of many other families it was mom who went to the choir concerts in the middle of the day. It was mom who was able to attend the track meets. Unless the band concerts were in the evening it was mom who was able to hear from the sour notes to the point where they became a pleasure to hear. Again I am not seeking sympathy because we are a close knit family. I just came to the conclusion that things could have been different. Life really is too short to find out we missed out on one of our greatest assets. Family is truly that.

I woke up and realized that the same pattern was developing in the lives of the five beautiful grandchildren we have now been blessed with. I determined that history was not going to repeat itself. It may have a way of doing that but not this time. I decided that I was going to rectify the situation. I became fed up with the system to a point that I sold the route and the 2 trucks and pursued a search on the internet for a business that could make me a work from home Grandpa. I knew that I needed to find a business that could generate some significant income due to the fact I had retired early. At the same time I needed one that would afford me the time I needed to devote to them and their special activities. After a test of several different online programs I was able to find the business that can fulfill my needs financially but more importantly to me it can afford me the time and flexibility to attend their special events.

I had the opportunity to see my little granddaughter graduate from preschool even when it happened to be a morning affair. I have had the privilege of spending an entire morning at my grandson's field day and seeing him compete in all of the events. I have been to every one of their band concerts. Thanks to the program I found I can now set my own schedule to revolve around one of my greatest assets and truly say life has become a lot more balanced. Life is good.

About the Author:
Michael McClain has been known for his honesty and outgoing personality which has made him successful in various home based programs and internet marketing. We have always been there to answer questions or give further information on all programs we offer. You may contact us at anytime. Contact Us Here For All Information. Contact Us Here For All Information.

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