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The St. Louis Grand Center Commercial Real Estate

The St. Louis Grand Center Commercial Real Estate


The St. Louis Grand Center Commercial Real Estate

by Mark Bradley

Grand Center is a tremendous part of St. Louis, and surely the next time you visit the city you should make your way over to the place that everyone is talking about. Let's look at a brief historical overview of Grand Center, to better understand where it's been, and where it's going.

The Mississippi River found itself with a large population growth once St. Louis residents began to move west in its direction after the turn of the 20th century. This is the area is known today as Grand Center. This is where you can also find the location of the St. Louis University sitting midtown next to Grand Center.

The initial two decades of the 20th century led to many homeowners migrating west toward the new community of Grand Center. It became a popular spot for theater and vaudeville. Regrettably, countless numbers of original mansions and historic buildings were destroyed and in their place were offices, the theater and other St. Louis commercial real estate. Many of the theaters constructed comprise of the Princess (1912), Odeon (1904), the Victoria (1913), the Grand Central (1913), and the Empress (1913).

Notwithstanding the effects of the Great Depression and World War II, the Center began to flourish after the 1920's. Grand Central not only gets to see its theater blossom, but also see itself become a transportation hub as a major stop on streetcar and bus routes. On top of that, wonderful movie palaces begin to spring up in the 20's which caused additional business to come to Grand Center. Among the great movie palaces were the Fox Theater (1929), the Missouri Theater (1921), and the St. Louis Theater (1926).

In spite of the ramifications of the Great Depression and World War II, Grand Center began to prosper after the 1920's. Not only did its theater expand, but Grand Center also became a transportation hub as it was a major stop for streetcar and bus routes. In addition, the 1920's brought about fantastic movie palaces which caused increased commerce to the Grand Center area. Among the many grand movie palaces were the St. Louis Theater (1926), Fox Theater (1929), and the Missouri Theater (1921).

Grand Center experiences a shocking downturn from 1950 to 1980. The urban population is affected as residents begin to move out of urban areas like the Grand Center. This in turn affected the theater and movie businesses as resident attendance decreased which led to the theaters' demise. The theaters were either torn-down or converted into a different site. However, Grand Center began to see its much waited renewal in 1980. It was at this time that Grand Center was designated as a National Historic District. After essential funding was attained, the spectacularly restored Fox Theater and Sheldon Concert Hall were again made operable In 1987, Grand Center Inc. was established to oversee the restoration of Grand Center and to bring new life into the education district, the arts, and entertainment.

Grand Center Inc. was established in 1987 to overlook the revival of Grand Center, and the arts, entertainment, and education district truly came to life. With the years some tremendous improvements were made to the infrastructure, improving the lighting, sidewalks, and parking facilities. Buildings were restored and 25 arts and education organizations became the mainstay of Grand Center. It's no wonder that today Grand Center is the 12th largest attraction of St. Louis.

Today Grand Center is a fantastic place for personal and private investment, and continues to grow with each passing year. The educational and artistic achievements include great architecture, with buildings of various styles and types. Thomas P. Barnett's great Spanish Mission style art deco building is definitely a highlight at 3207 Washington Ave.

About the Author:
Art Deco and Spanish Mission Style Architecture is part of some of the classic buildings of Missouri. To download the original plans of the Thomas P Barnett Historic Building or go here to find out more about St Louis Commercial Real Estate For Sale

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