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The Problems that Plague Us: Anxiety and Stress

The Problems that Plague Us: Anxiety and Stress


The Problems that Plague Us: Anxiety and Stress

by Trevor Mosley

Anxiety and stress have become part of the parcel of our everyday lives. Anxiety is an emotional response that every individual feels and it has a very meaningful purpose. However, when these emotions become uncontrollable, they can have adverse effects that impede our daily routines.

Stress is what contributes to anxiety and so in order for one to overcome anxiety he must first eliminate the source of his stress. Stress however is a subjective disorder; this means that there could be a thousand reasons why someone is stressed out.

Endorphins are the body's natural pain reliever and mood enhancer. But in some, when anxiety and stress give way to panic and terror the release of this neurotransmitter into the brain is inhibited and it's effects go unrealized throughout the body causing an exaggerated sense of dread.

This heightened mental state can cause one to panic and behave irrationally. The fear is so crippling that one is rendered dysfunctional and hysterical. Panic attacks alone are not harmful to the physical body but repeated episodes can have destructive side effects on the individual.

The Start Of The Cycle

The onset of a full blown panic attack brought on by excessive worry is swift and comes without warning. Restlessness becomes prominent and the hands become moist with sweat while their complexion is either pale or flushed but always clammy. They perceive an unrealistic view of the current situation and things quickly deteriorate into a terror that is so crippling that many of the stricken feel as they will die right then and there, the situation is so dire that they will not survive. The attacks can last from minutes to hours but average about 30-45 minutes in length. The experience leaves them physically exhausted and mentally drained.

If left untreated, anxiety and stress can also cause disturbing long term effects. The patient suffers chronic fatigue because he is inundated with too many worrisome thoughts that he is unable to sleep. This disrupts his sleeping patterns. Other problems such as headaches, irritability, clenched jaws and grinding teeth will then ensue. Extreme irritability will cause his concentration level to dwindle, and this will lead to an explosive behavior.

If these episodes are allowed to continue untreated it may lead to agoraphobia which is the reluctance to leave the security of the home, again, this only makes matters worse as now not only does the victim need to overcome their new phobia, they must still deal with the root source of their problem.

Treatment And Recovery

There are many physiological problems associated with anxiety and stress. These include thyroid disorders, hypoglycemia, heart attacks and several other myocardial complications. To treat these complications, the root of the problem must be eradicated. Some effective treatments for mood disorders include psychotherapy, medications and behavior modification.

It is imperative that the sufferer introduce changes to his existing lifestyle.These include regular exercises and a healthier diet. Not only do exercising have physical benefits, it is a great stress-reliever as it helps the victim to channel his stress and blow it off in a productive manner. Consuming healthy food and health supplements will allow one to enjoy mental wellness. Hypnotherapy has been found to be effective in alleviating some phobias. Where anxiety attacks are concerned, early detection is the key. The sooner you are cured of the symptoms, the greater the chance of you curbing your episodes.

About the Author:
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