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The Nebulizer Is A Continuous Support For Asthma Attacks

The Nebulizer Is A Continuous Support For Asthma Attacks


The Nebulizer Is A Continuous Support For Asthma Attacks

by Esther Tan

Asthmatics dread the thought of asthma attacks. Nobody likes the fact that they can hardly breathe. Also, asthmatics fear the severity of the asthma episode. Asthma is actually a life-threatening situation; especially if attacks reach the asthmaticus stage and no immediate help is around.

Quick relief medication is the best remedy for asthma attacks. There are certain drugs and equipments that provide quick relief medication. Medicines can be administered in various ways. Some drugs require oral or injected delivery. The most popular method, however, is that which require devices or equipments such as inhalers and nebulizers. While inhalers are more widely-used for its portability, the nebulizer is one that can be used by an asthmatic regardless of age.

The nebulizer is seen as a continuous support for asthma attacks. It can be used by people regardless of age, gender, or asthma severity. It is even used for the most severe asthma attack. The nebulizer, also called a breathing machine, turns liquid medicine into mist for easy inhalation. It provides a continuous stream of medication, hence the tag "continuous". Even after the patient is given oral or IV drugs the nebulizer is still used, hence called "support".

Nebulizers are often recommended as a replacement for inhalers in child asthmatics. The reason for this is because children do not usually know how to synchronize their breathing with inhalers. Also, in the case of dry powder inhalers, young asthma patients find it hard because it provokes coughing.

There are certain procedures to follow in operating a nebulizer. Proper positioning of the body during inhalations, disposing and replacing of some parts, and carefully following the steps indicated in the instruction manual ensures that a nebulizer stays efficient.

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