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The Medical Transcription Professional

The Medical Transcription Professional


The Medical Transcription Professional

by Jan Snewo

In today's unstable job market, and ever shifting economy, job seekers would do well to consider a career in medical transcription. Whether a young high school graduate, or a forty-something in dire need of a new career direction, medical transcription jobs offer some of the best, most interesting opportunities around.

Just as legal transcription is vital to a law office, with legal transcription services providing accurate records of depositions, legally binding arbitration and mediation, so the professional in medical transcription ensures effective medical care.

How so? Typically, a patient consults a doctor once or twice a year. In this visit, the physician asks probing questions, discusses ongoing or new problems, performs an exam, and possibly orders some lab work done. A diagnosis may be made, treatment options discussed. When the patient has exited the office, the doctor records all of this into a hand held recording device, which will later be used by the medical transcription professional.

Proof reading of completed documents is a must, as are the ability to edit and to format the reports correctly. Medical transcription jobs and quality assurance go hand in hand. If the doctor or other professional suggest edits or corrections of the finished product the provider of transcription services must make the corrections carefully yet quickly.

But back to the topic of medical transcription jobs. The skilled medical transcriptionist will evince a variety of abilities. This technician will be able to accurately and quickly transcribe patient information, and do it in a reliable fashion. Medical transcription services expect that their employees will be able to access various health care reference works for clarification and confirmation of terminology.

The most basic skills necessary for those desiring employment in the transcription services field include (but are not limited to): a thorough mastery of medical terminology, ability to listen and type simultaneously, and correctly using the playback controls on the transcribing machine.

In the past, doctors did not avail themselves of professional transcription services. They would jot down hand written notes to themselves, often using indecipherable hand-writing, or worse yet, personal abbreviations, which made it impossible for other care-givers to figure out a patient's medical history. Thankfully, today things are different. Providers of medical transcription services receive doctor's dictation via digital or analog equipment. Sometimes directly through their home computer!

While challenging and interesting, those interested in transcription services careers will take every opportunity to first become adequately trained, and then to practice their craft with dedication. The ability to listen and type simultaneously, while smoothly using the playback and pause feature on the transcribing machine, will ensure a level of professionalism that is essential in the demanding field of medical transcription services.

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