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The Joys Of Small Printers

The Joys Of Small Printers


The Joys Of Small Printers

by John Bassinger

Not so very long ago, when you wanted to travel with a printer, that meant that some truly impressive travel arrangements had to be made. You might be stuck with something the size of a small desk that would need constant support and attention. You might have been using an ink jet printer or a thermal printer.

All of these had drawbacks; thermal printers had special paper requirements, and their output often looked strange. Inkjets had lovely output, but would be temperamental about changes in temperature, humidity or just being jostled; you ended up spending more time clearing the heads with the head cleaning utility than you ever did printing. Plus, the cost per page went through the roof.

A laptop printer, on the other hand, could be brought in, but it required excessive care and usually saw the end of its use life in three months. These were not great solutions and the people who used them and the people who supported them were unhappy.

The nice thing, though, is that desktop printers have actually shrunk from being upwards of seventy pounds down to compact printers that are around twenty pounds. You can find ink jet printers and laser printers that are this small, and the ink jet printers are much sturdier than they were before.

The real gem in this lineup is the shrinking laser printer, however. They were initially produced for college students who had little space and these small personal printers worked out quite nicely, produce pages in the rage of 12 per minute. They had good durability cycles and they could be packed up tidily at the end of the semester.

When you are working on a laser printer, you'll find that you are looking at printing that costs about 7 cents a page in black and white at about 10 percent coverage. Regular paper won't hurt them. When you want photo printers, you'll find that the cost goes up, but the immediate access and high quality print job is usually worth it.

The nice thing about these printers is that they are small. Our own HP 1006 Personal LaserJet is just a bit larger than a toaster and when we're off to the trade shows, we can print out data sheets and sales reports for our customers. It measures in the neighborhood of 14'' wide by 18'' deep by 9'' tall and it fits happily into its box.

The pass through tray is something of an annoying thing to deal with, but you really don't need it at all. Getting set up is simple, the functionality is excellent and the low cost of the consumables make this a perfect tool for anyone who needs to travel and print while they are on the road!

About the Author:
The market for a small portable printer is still in its infant stage and you will need to be careful before purchasing a portable printer. If you're in a hurry read our review of the HP h47wbt mobile printer. It has received raving reviews from a lot of people.

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