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The Impact of Divorce on Kids

The Impact of Divorce on Kids


The Impact of Divorce on Kids

by Benjamin West

People get divorced for many reasons. Adultery, a hardened heart, or a lack of interest in the spouse are some of the most frequent causes for divorce. These reasons seem to be simple and evident. However, the dissolving of a marriage is very complex and at times life altering for each spouse, and often children. While adults can easily deal with separation from a partner, children often question if he or she caused the separation. This is one of the hardest things about divorce to deal with .

In most cases, children are still in the process of developing when a divorce hits. Not only could the divorce be hard on the child, it can actually effect their development. Divorce of their parents are leading more and more adults into counseling. Parents must carefully contemplate this before getting a divorce.

Sometimes, divorce can be the solitary solution. Most marriages are built on trust and love. When a spouse has cheated, it is very difficult to regain the trust that was previously present in the relationship. In the age of internet dating and email, infidelity is becoming an increasingly common reason for spousal separation.

Sometimes hearts harden during marriage. Maybe a spouse is cruel or mean to his or her partner. This could cause the other souse's heart to harden. In this fashion one member of the marriage no longer loves his or her spouse. This is prevalent situation, and is many times cited at the cause for a separation in court.

The final common reason for divorce is a simple lack of interest in a partner. Many times people change over time. Often this change can lead a person away from his or her spouse. Starting a time-consuming hobby might cause problems for a couple who suddenly have no time together.

Although several of these things are certainly negative, there are actually some positive aspects to be found in the divorce process. In cases of abuse - both emotional and physical - separation is the best solution. If children take part and experience such behavior, this may be even more of a benefit. Another time to get both yourself and the kids out of the way is when a spouse make you the victim of some sort of addictive behavior.

Simply put, a divorce is not the optimum end to marriage. However, divorce may be a prudent option to insure an individual's safety and wellbeing as well as the safety of children involved. It is never easy to get a divorce, but it is important to examine all sides before going through with it. Before filing for separation, it is always best to try to discuss problem issues with your spouse. You can sometimes avoid a divorce by simply talking things out.

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