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The History Of D&G Watches

The History Of D&G Watches


The History Of D&G Watches

by John P Stevens

There are times when we tend to buy certain brands because we feel an affiliation towards them. They mean more to us than just commodities. They tend to define our personality, and "who we are as an individual" is reflected in these brands.

Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) also fall in the category of those brands that people can relate to their personalities. D&G is famous for its luxury garments and accessories. D&G watches are one such line of spectacular accessories offered by Dolce & Gabbana.

D&G watches became famous in the start of the new millennium when they were first launched in Italy and Europe. The D&G Time watches have been manufactured and distributed by Binda International.

Chronographic round dial with three sub dials, for minutes, seconds and stopwatch, was another exclusive addition in line of D&G watches. Chronographic, along with Time, form the two major types of watches, offered by Dolce and Gabbana.

Although they are known mainly for their luxury aspect, the D&G watches tend to offer to its users a little bit more in terms of style and fashion. This brand of watches actually brought a revolution in the watch industry. When people buy Dolce & Gabbana watches, they are not only looking to buy a watch; they are actually paying for an accessory that enhances their personality and brings out the individualism in them.

The trend of launching a fresh style of watch with the arrival of each season was started by Dolce and Gabbana, after they came up with their Time watches. This makes the arrival of new season all the more exciting for D&G users who wait for each one impatiently. In addition to the variety in colour that is available in D&G watches, the straps and bracelets that come in its many models gives ample choice to the customers. The different models of D&G watches include Flock, BB, Dorian, Antibes, Jimmy, Genteel, Nikki and Martin.

Dolce and Gabbana manufacture watches separately for both men and women. There is great variation in the prices and designs offered by them. Many materials are used in the making of the straps, including stainless steel, leather as well as plastic, although plastic is used mainly when watches are to be made more fun, rather than sophisticated.

The category of watches for women offers many with gold or silver plated designs. This is further enhanced by watches offered with diamonds and other expensive stones that have been carved into the design. When they are buying a certain model of watch, the customers can decide the colour and the material in which they would like their watch.

Like watches offered from other watch manufacturers, the Dolce and Gabbana watches could also be purchased at retail outlets. Another place to buy these watches is from the D&G outlets, along with any authorized dealer of these watches. A more easy way to get these watches is to order them online from the D&G website.

The advantage of buying watches online is that you can have a detailed look on different models and you can also compare the prices.

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