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The history of Berenguer dolls

The history of Berenguer dolls


The history of Berenguer dolls

by Adam Mass

If you were as amazed with the quality of these dolls as I was you may have been a little interested in little bit of where these came from. Well lets start off by talking a little bit about who made them and where they were from.

Creating dolls may just be work for some, but it was a way of Life for Jose Berenguer. From Spain this artist aspired to become and artist, and show his work through the art of doll crafting. He would begin sculpting his masterpiece, and devote every day of his life doing so.

Jose Berenguer began his passion for creating dolls in the mid 1940's. He was fulfilling his dream of crafting dolls in his image. Every doll would be flawless in capturing every innocent look of a baby.

The most popular Berenguer dolls today are the original and reborn brands. The reborn doll is the second brand of the doll, making them even more valuable. In his time however Chelito and Pepin dolls were the most popular.

By sometime in the 1950's his work started to get noticed, and he became very popular very fast. By the 1960's he decided to pass his work onto his very own son Salvador. Being the air of a generation of great artists this was a very inspiring passing.

So with the same passion and dedication of his father, he continued the work of his father. His pride and hard work eventually turned out, and he was creating dolls with as much detail as his father.

Today In the 1980's a company of the name BERJUSA came to America, today known as JC toys. They made a great impression in the market for their lifelike quality dolls. The works of Salvador seems to have spread to another part of the world.

Jose Berenguer would be proud to see how far his work has come, and how far his son has taken his work. From a country of great artists, Jose has set some high quality examples of what great work really is. Only his very own son would have been able to bring it as far as it has come.

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