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The Grand Canyon: A Tour For Gay Men

The Grand Canyon: A Tour For Gay Men


The Grand Canyon: A Tour For Gay Men

by Howie Holben

Here are some of the things that I had learned whilst doing a gay Grand Canyon rafting trip. There is very knowledgeable staff that toured us down the river, but by some of the pictures and tid-bits I read a lot while staying for three days. The Canyon was formed by the Colorado River. It took nearly 17 million years to get the shape it has today.

Rowing with the guides is for those looking for a bit more adventure since the guide will bring you through some of the rapids. Or you can do it yourself and paddle. Although the trip still requires a guide, they are the steers men while the extremist paddles through some of the wettest and roughest waters imaginable.

Kali Gandaki in Nepal is deeper, while Capertu Valley in Australia is about 1 km. Longer. Nearly 5 million people go to visit the canyon per year which is why they now have enforced a law that requires anyone who has traveled down the river within a single year may only do it once. If you wish to go again, the traveler must wait an entire year before going again.

There are so many things to see from hidden water falls to old native villages hidden within the back parts of the canyon. After all you are on one million acres of land. With so many opportunities for exploration the Grand Canyon brings the explorer out while in safe and capable hands of the guides who have been on this river for more than 75 years.

I can't remember being so cold out in the sunlight. We drifted lazily down the river watching the wildlife passing by. To our amazement we had caught a glimpse of a Bald Eagle which according to our guide was a rare sight to see.

There are signs posted that show a well fit man walking into the canyon. The sign reads: Each year we rescue hundreds of people from the canyon. Most of them look like him. Or for the more extreme traveler there are rafting trips that will take you on a 17 day rafting adventure through some of the wildest white waters in the United States. - Although one can go for the 2 hour rafting trip which is the one I took.

In all my years of traveling, the Grand Canyon is definitely a place I recommend everyone to see. When our gay rafting was over we hiked back up to stay at the lodge there. However it was not what we had expected. The rooms were small with only a single toilet and sink. The shower was in a different place and the whole thing seemed more like a hostel than a cabin as described in the brochure. So once again we found ourselves going to a hotel just 5 miles away from the canyon.

Gay Grand Canyon whitewater rafting is an amazing experience of a life time. If you ever get the chance to do it then you should. There are so many breath taking views and it shows only the finest of all creation. It is a thrill, but it is also awesome in its splendour.

About the Author:
Info post written by Howie Holben. Spirit Journeys proposes gay whitewater rafting and a gay Grand Canyon tour.

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