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The Difference Between Romance And Stalking

The Difference Between Romance And Stalking


The Difference Between Romance And Stalking

by Royston Tan

Life just isn't always fair. We have been taught that the sense of fairness we seek does not come easily and that in so many cases we have to stand up and fight for what we want. Nobody wants to regret their decisions, and nobody likes to lose loved ones. Sometimes we are moved into action that perhaps even we don't completely understand. Expressing your love and stalking your loved one are two very different things.

The sweet sound of an Ibanez electric guitar under a window would once have been seen as a beautiful serenade. Today, you can be arrested. Losing the love relationship of your life can be very difficult, and when you want to get it back, you're willing to go pretty far.

In order to remain expressive, there are plenty of thoughts that include that drummer, the Ibanez electric guitar and someone to sing sad lyrics for your first ever attempt at a love CD. This isn't realistic. You hope that you can think of the perfect romantic gesture, and moderation can get your fingers back on the neck of the Ibanez acoustic electric guitar for maybe just one recording.

If it's not guitars then it could be artistic creation of any kind. In some cases it could be a single act of self humiliation to drive the point home that you just don't want the love relationship to dwindle away and die. Emotion can be a powerful driving force and sometimes we just don't think enough before we act.

When it comes down to it many people who are losing their love relationship resort to a single act that expresses their devotion and their desire to continue the relationship and make it better. Sometimes it works. Often it doesn't. Regardless of how strongly you may feel, violating personal space or requests that you back off makes it seem like perhaps you are pushing the envelope of reasonable.

Emotional individuals do not always give full consideration to what might be expected. Of course, you don't wish to cause harm but your drive and desire have a harmful effect when your pleas become repetitive and personal. Remember that the love relationship is not a guarantee, and that you can only express yourself so loudly before society says that's too much.

A simple romantic gesture and the ability to show personal restraint is a much better quality than the ability to create devotional acts all over the place. You certainly have the right to ask once for another chance at love, but once the door closes, you need to back away.

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