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The Dangers of Meth Interventions

The Dangers of Meth Interventions


The Dangers of Meth Interventions

by David Lee

As a drug and alcohol intervention specialist, occasionally I am asked if an intervention ever becomes dangerous? Although, generally speaking, we do the best to provide a very caring life-changing event, there is one primary drug that creates more chaos than others. A Heroin addict is generally receptive. An alcoholic, a bit critical but will hear us out. The crack or cocaine abuser, is looking for a quick fix for his problems and thinks that it exists for recovery as well. The methamphetamine abuser, however, is a complete roll of the dice. In almost every case of violence an danger, methamphetamine has been the drug of choice in the client.

Although complex to manufacture in the 1970's, by the 1990's, methods of manufacture became simplified. No longer necessary to have an extensive knowledge of chemistry, almost anyone with a few simple household goods common in any town could create quick batches of newer, more potent methamphetamine within hours instead of days. But, as always, there is a price.

The initial stages of methamphetamine abuse are positive. For the one who is insecure, feelings of confidence ensue. For those looking for clearer thinking, meth is an effective answer. An increased ability to work longer hours is attractive to others.

In the beginning stages or meth abuse, temporary mood disorders begin. Major mood swings can begin. Major depression one minute, followed by a major manic swing. Restlessness kicks in with the need or desire to be constantly doing something. For some, cleaning the house over and over is common. For others taking things apart is the answer. Their is no rational reason...just the desire. This is referred to as "tweaking".

In later stages of methamphetamine use, psychoses can and usually do occur. Once this stage is reached, paranoid thinking, homicidal and suicidal ideation are common. Hearing things that aren't there, voices in the head, seeing things that aren't real are just some of the manifestations. In worst cases this becomes permanent.

An intervention is a carefully guided, very structured event that is designed to allow someone abusing drugs or alcohol to slowly understand the effects of their behaviors on themselves and others and allow them the opportunity to willingly accept help and enter treatment. However, with methamphetamine, that rarely happens. In the best of cases you are dealing with an acutely sensitive potentially threatening individual, in the worst of cases you are dealing with someone who believes that you are involved in the conspiracy that he has created in his mind. You are now the danger and the cause of all his misfortune. You are now the threat. This is why we often dread the intervention on the client who abuses methamphetamine.

About the Author:
If you are interested about aninterventionist. Stop by David Lee's site where you can find out all about meth interventions and other types and what they can do for you or your loved one.

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