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The Altea Golf Club Affords a Terrific Experience For Guests

The Altea Golf Club Affords a Terrific Experience For Guests


The Altea Golf Club Affords a Terrific Experience For Guests

by Clinton Maxwell

Just outside the village of Altea is the mountain area offering a stunning view of the growing area. Real estate is certainly appreciating in this area. This is one of the few towns on the Costa Blanca where they have maintained the fishing village feeling. Yet there are new hotels and apartments under construction at the same time. Here is a great place to stay for a quiet relaxing vacation located as it is, fifteen kilometers north of Benidorm. The sun and the mild temperatures make this vacation area well liked for golf including nature in its entire splendor. The Altea Golf Club affords a terrific experience for guests.

This village affords the vacationer a tranquil ambiance that is more soothing and quiet than the larger cities might. The weather is milder in the summer and accommodating in the winter. The nearby hillsides keep the temperature comfy during the summer months and protect the area during the from the winter winds.

Airlines and Hotels Most vacationers land at the Alicante aeroport. The aeroport is located about an hours drive away from the village. You may rent a car at the aeroport for transportation. There are buses and trains available from Alicante to Altea.

Attractions Altea is one of the most delightfully landscaped districts. The serenity of the neighborhood draws Spanish and worldwide writers and artists. Many stay for short periods and still others reside in the area year round. Those who live in this area of Spain stay in the old church district.

Altea is home to a well-known church, Nuestra Senora Del Consuelo. The church was constructed in at the beginning of the twentieth century. Built of Mediterranean design and architecture the tiles are all hand painted. With its blue dome roof, it is an example of old world craftsmanship and is a landmark in the area.

An array of quaint shops await the inquisitive a short walk from the seashore and the harbor district. The majority of shops are open from 10 am until 9 pm A number of shops take a break for a siesta at 2 pm and reopen at about 4 or 5 pm and then re open, however the larger stores are open all day.

If you want to experience, Altea close up and personal a walking tour is the best way. Altea walking tours are accessible in town and the nearby mountain areas. The mountainous hiking excursions are a great way to get pleasure from the ever-present breath of nature in the tranquil ambiance. You can create your own private tour or utilize a guided walking tour on the numerous trails around the village.

Located near the harbor vicinity a craft market is open in Altea starting at Easter and continuing through September. The market is owned and operated by local crafts people who will offer a variety of items for sale. You can buy attractive hand-made objects at practical prices here.

If you want to take in the nightlife or wish to attend the more publicized attractions, take a day trip to Benidorm. Here is a larger city close enough to the village for a day trip by car. Should you not require a car, the train has an accommodating schedule. Benidorm is home to water leisure areas, amusement park, and night spots.

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