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The Advantages Of HP LaserJet 1320tn Printer For Your Company

The Advantages Of HP LaserJet 1320tn Printer For Your Company


The Advantages Of HP LaserJet 1320tn Printer For Your Company

by Ben Pate

The HP LaserJet 1320tn printer using LaserJet 1320tn toner cartridges is a simple utility that gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of your home usage or small business usage. This is a printer that prints in black only, but which is easily suitable for any circumstance such as in school, home or at work.

The duplexer is built into this printer. This means that you can print on all two sides of a sheet of paper at once. The quality of the output is great. Do not worry about the level of noise as it is low and not only that, the speed is quick. This printer easily stores at any workstation owing to its compact physical attribute. Mac and Windows users alike can use this printer for their operating systems. The only thing is that extra paper tray and networking means extra cost for you, as the user.

In an ideal situation, you want a printer that has the ability to print in color. However, do consider what printing jobs you embark on before you purchase a new printer. How often do you print in color anyway? If this sounds like a rare thing for you to do, why not skip this feature and go for a monochrome printer that affords you other features that you can actually use? If you are still unsure, try analyzing your printing jobs based on past experience; how often did you want to print in color in the past three months?

One of the biggest advantage of a monochrome printer is that it saves you toner. As a matter of fact, the printer is not nearly as expensive as the usage of HP bulk toner, and these are not cheap. Do you know that a monochrome printer can easily save you in toner up to several times that of a color printer? This translates to big costs for you. This also means efficiency as you take a longer time before you run out of toner.

Of course, you still want to have an extra toner cartridge on hand if you should run out. Don't let it happen to you in the middle of a printing job. You can run out of toner while printing itself; this means that you hear the printing going on as usual, but the resulting page is a blank one when you see it. Do not panic that your printer may be damaged. It is more likely that it has used up all the toner.

The good news is that the printer software in your computer lets you know that way ahead before it actually happens. You are advised not to take this for granted.

This is because printing on low toner can cause damage to the printing head. When the head is damaged, so is your printer. This may not happen the first time you run out of toner, though it may the second time.

About the Author:
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