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The 3 Most Common Offshore Engg Services

The 3 Most Common Offshore Engg Services


The 3 Most Common Offshore Engg Services

by Deborah Collins

In today's era of fast moving products, industries are expected to churn out goods within a stipulated timeframe. To meet the growing demands of global customers and to also ensure the quality of goods meet regulatory standards it becomes essential to use the services of offshore engineering and manufacturing services. These services are widely used by companies in the Aerospace and Automotive industries.

Offshore engineering services are widely used by developing countries like India to ensure that their industries receive ample attention in terms of raw materials and other resources. Some of the widely available services include:

1. Civil Engineering - A wide of wide range of civil engineering services ranging from concept design to creation of as-built drawings is offered by these services. 2. Design Automation - Some of the important services offered in this area include parametric solid modeling and drafting, automated blueprint generation, knowledge based engineering and automated computer aided machining. 3. Drafting & 3D Modeling - Services offered in this area typically include solid and surface modeling, parametric feature based modeling, assembly modeling, detailed engineering, piping and routing, design automation and legacy data conversion.

These offshore engineering services usually follow the Global Product Development solution (GPD) model. This mode is basically a systematic approach to bring together and manage resources from low cost regions to enhance the customers' profitability. The following steps are taken in the GPD model to ensure industrial clients enjoy quality services.

1. The service provider takes initiatives to understand the client's key organizational challenges. 2. They then identify core and non-core engineering processes of the client. 3. They assess internal departments that will be capable of supporting the core activities. 4. They create flexible teams to support the production processes.

Conclusion - With the help of the reliable GPD model and wide distribution networks, offshore engineering services are surely an indispensable part of the SCM process.

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