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Teach Yourself Spanish - DIY Learn Spanish Methods

Teach Yourself Spanish - DIY Learn Spanish Methods


Teach Yourself Spanish - DIY Learn Spanish Methods

by Freddy McCandless

If you're interested in being able to teach yourself Spanish and learning Spanish on your own without having to take a course at an educational institution, this article may be able to help you with a few easy steps. Learning Spanish on your own can be easier than you thought it could be!

A great way to learn new words, phrases, and check your ability to understand Spanish is to make use of the Spanish media forms around you, whether it is via television, music, magazines, or the internet. This can be useful when you teach yourself Spanish. Watching the Spanish television networks for news broadcasts, commercials, novellas (soap operas), and a variety of other programs can add to your vocabulary quickly while providing you entertainment.

One of the most important keys to teach yourself Spanish is always using what you've learned and continuously studying. This doesn't mean you have to study 24 hours a day or give away your free time to putting your head in a book, however. It can be as simple as noticing normal words in English and reminding yourself of what they are in Spanish, or learning something new each day on your own time.

You can add Spanish study to your life in little ways, from "field trips" to the Spanish market or other places Spanish is used. Just remember to practice using the information you've gained. Don't feel shy if your speaking skills are the best yet, with practice, you'll get there.

Social networking sites almost always have a Spanish option for those who already natively speak Spanish and this can help you out greatly when you are learning the language by helping you to familiarize yourself with it. Other sites such as twitter have applications for people learning Spanish, and can send you new words or phrases every day that you log on to them.

One of the most useful ways to teach yourself Spanish is to make it a part of a conversation, because then you can experience it for yourself and see how it is used properly. Consider becoming friends or pen pals with a Spanish speaker, or if you're already friends with someone that speaks Spanish, ask if they would be willing to converse with you and teach you new words.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to teach yourself Spanish and learning Spanish more easily than you thought you would. If you continue with the effort, you'll be speaking Spanish as fluently and confidently as English.

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