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Taking A "Spa"cation

Taking A "Spa"cation


Taking A "Spa"cation

by Jerry Duncan

The Tropical North Queensland region of Australia is a beautiful retreat away from it all. There are many things to do and see and natural beauty to explore, but it is also a great place to just kick back and relax at one of their amazing spas. Set away from everything, they provide you with the perfect opportunity to let go of the real world, while kicking back in this natural paradise.

There are various price options, when looking for a spa in this region, from those that are priced the same as an average hotel stay, all the way to spas that cost as much as renting an island. However, the price of your stay does not change the experience that you will have, as each one offers relaxation at its highest in a breath taking setting.

The highest price resort is actually an exclusive Island rental. Bedarra Island is located at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and offers wonderful waterfront property, total seclusion and the finest gourmet food and beverages found anywhere. It is truly a paradise all your own!

Next there is The Daintree. This is an accommodation that fits into all price ranges. There are two levels of accommodations, the Daintree Heritage Lodge and Spa and the Eco Lodge. The Daintree Heritage Lodge offers beautifully constructs cabins, which make for a great place to sit back and relax. The Daintree Heritage Lodge is the lower of the two lodging options, as the Eco Lodge offers a more higher scale accommodation. No matter which lodge fits into your budget, you will still be able to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature and relaxation that is offered.

On the flip side, the Kuranda Resort and Spa is one of the most reasonably priced spa destinations that will help you just kick back and relax. Located in a Rainforest by the same name Kuranda is a beautiful natural setting and the perfect place to rejuvenate your soul. A great stay for couples, families and large groups, you will find that it is conveniently located to allow you to explore all that Tropical North Queensland has to offer. They even include breakfast in the price.

So as you can see, no matter what accommodation you choice, the main focus of each is RELAXATION!

About the Author:
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