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Table Tennis versus Ping-Pong

Table Tennis versus Ping-Pong


Table Tennis versus Ping-Pong

by Tony Ulrich

Do you need some good ideas on great alternatives to wasting your time on the couch on a rainy day? How about finding something that combines exercise and fun at the same time?

All you need is two paddles, a ball and a table. That's it. Let the fun begin! Table Tennis is a great way to get you moving. I know what I am talking about. I started playing table tennis when I was fifteen.

Soon thereafter I joined my first club and I've been playing ever since. My current rating is about 2150 and I am registered at USATT.

You probably noticed, that I use the term 'table-tennis' and not 'ping-pong'. Well, even though the basic concept of both variations is the same, there is indeed a huge difference. If you go on Youtube for instance and search for table tennis videos, you will find thousands of snippets or even whole matches illustrating what a powerful and strenuous sport it is.

I hope you didn't only focus on the ball, but also the athleticism, especially the footwork that is required to keep up with chasing that little thing. Because it can get very fast at times, shots with speeds over 100 mph are not uncommon.

And that's the difference between ping-pong and table-tennis. The good news is: you can start at any age to turn this fun sport into a serious work-out regime. You will have to take it easy though, especially in the beginning.

Okay, to get you started, try the following with your partner: 20 shots without any miss-hits back and forth. Focus on consistency, try to avoid mistakes. Pros and advanced hobby players do the exact same thing, however, just more like a 100 shots and obviously at a much higher frequency, in order to get warmed up before a match.

And that's it. As I said, everybody follows the same warm-up routine. But in order to get there, hitting the ball at that pace without making any mistakes, it requires a lot of regular practice. Ideally, every day for a few hours. But anyway, everybody has to start slowly, there's no way around. Try to do 20 hits in a row with your partner, that's your first milestone before you move on to the next step.

A typical "beginners' mistake": trying to copy the speed of the pros. But that's counterproductive. Again, consistency is the key to success. Your shots will get faster automatically as you keep practicing. If you can do 20 shots, go for the 50 mark. It might take you some time to get there, but after that you are ready to crash the 100 shot milestone.

So that's it for now. Try it out, give it a shot. Indoor table-tennis is a perfect example of a cool sport that combines fun and serious work-out exercises at the same time.

About the Author:
Tony Ulrich writes articles about how to Workout with Table Tennis as fun and healthy activity and features a mini-series about Table Tennis Service Rules on his website.

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