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Supporting Your Downline With Your Professional Skills

Supporting Your Downline With Your Professional Skills


Supporting Your Downline With Your Professional Skills.

by MaryAnn Russell

The network marketing model is based on the idea that your sponsor or up line will assist you in building your business. Inherent in the network marketing model is the suggestion that your sponsor also has the professional experience to assist you in creating a successful business. Most people who have had any experience with network marketing will tell you that they have absolutely no idea how to run their business and the failure rate supports those sentiments.

Multi-level marketing businesses are introduced as an "opportunity" which implies that there is a profitable system already in place and that all you must do is sign up for the "opportunity". In most cases people never stop and consider whether they or their sponsors have the professional skills to actually run a successful business. There is no such thing as running an "opportunity" and therein lies the reason why network marketing businesses fail.

Network marketing companies have such a stigma attached to them that one can rarely get to a discussion about the product or service. In the past few years some network pros began to investigate the reasons why most multi-level marketing businesses fail. At the very core was a lack of professional experience and skills and an outdated model of what sales and service is all about.

I'm happy to report that progress has been made over the past few years. When people are considering a multi-level marketing business they are encouraged to evaluate the professionalism of their sponsor and up line team. It is important to find out what kind of training, education and resources are available to you.

Sponsors are now connecting their down lines to on line training and resources in:

* Online Sales and Marketing Training * Social Networking, Blogging * Content Building * Article Marketing * Webinars * Personal Coaching

Of course there will be those in your down line who were attracted to the "opportunity" but not the business aspect. In cases like this, I have found other ways to support them perhaps not directly related to their "opportunity". I offer support in other areas usually related to their finances such as; income tax tips, business referrals, real estate and home improvement advice, rental and lease negotiations to name a few. Some people will want to partner with you for a variety of reasons and it may not be solely related to your network marketing business.

Love it or hate, the network marketing model is here to stay because it is the most profitable way to mass market a product or service while offering the compensation and potential for residual income to the affiliates. The good news is that the new generation of successful network marketers are entrepreneurs who focus on continually "adding value" to their clients, partners and teams.

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