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Suki Skin Care Products Can Bring Out The Beauty In You

Suki Skin Care Products Can Bring Out The Beauty In You


Suki Skin Care Products Can Bring Out The Beauty In You

by Mark Walters

The popular saying that 'a little goes a long way' can be readily applied to the all-natural Suki skin care products.

Suki Kramer, the owner, started her business by mixing ingredients, that are all-natural, in the comforts of her home located in Northfield, Massachusetts. Having not studied either cosmetics or chemistry, she started a lengthy procedure of a trial and error, with a combination of self-study and talking to the chemists working at local laboratories.

Where Kramer excels is in the development of natural production techniques and the cleansing of ingredients. This commitment to natural effectiveness is combined with a dedication to environmental-friendly procedures and fair trade.

It is a principle of Suki Kramer that no non-natural ingredients will ever be used in Suki skin care products, and this includes in the bases of the products, which are often artificial in other 'natural' products.

Do not be fooled in to thinking that natural products mean simple products though. She has produced some fairly complicated products compromised of all-natural ingredients like yerba protein, herb extracts, vitamin liposome, enzyme-vitamin C and fruit oils.

Hand-written labels that were hand-glued to manually bottled products (the first of which was lemongrass cleanser) were typical at first. Now though, a decade later, Suki skin care products have developed and are easier to identify. The vibrant yellow used on every box or jar distinguishes them from other manufacturer's products, and this change of branding has contributed in part to the large number of Suki supporters that have accumulated, some of which are celebrities.

Out of respect for her clients, Suki Kramer declines to publicly say who her famous fans are; but it's widely known that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are both regular users of Suki skin care products.

Suki Kramer did took a risk in this industry which could truly be considered to have become a leader in the skin care product market 5 years ago when she secured deals with Harvey Nichols, Marshall Fields and Whole Foods to stock her products. Her business became even more successful in the year 2006 when Suki products samples worth $400 were included in the goody bags distributed at the famous Oscar awards.

There are too many Suki skin care products available to list here, but some of the most popular ones are Nourishing Mini Skin Care Kit, Intensive Brightening Mask, Suki Eye Repair Balm, Suki Hair And Scalp Conditioning Oil, Suki To-Go Sensitive Cleansing Bar and Delicate Hydrating Oil.

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