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Styling Suggestions for a Fuller Figure

Styling Suggestions for a Fuller Figure


Styling Suggestions for a Fuller Figure

by Sarah K Howarth

It is an acceptable fact that perceptions related to beauty differ in different individuals. However, beauty is not less important to anyone of us. These days, it is one of the most important attributes as perceived by the society. Therefore, the need to dress well cannot be emphasized enough.

Everyone wants to look beautiful. Who does not? But, it is very important to learn how to look beautiful. There is no doubt about the fact that true beauty is the inner beauty. But, it is very important to be very well dressed.

God has made your body in a specific manner, and you can do little to change it. Of course, there are people who go through painful cosmetic surgeries or take up very strict diets and exercising routines. But, it is a whole lot better and practical to accept what you have rather than trying to change it artificially, as most of these attempts end up futile.

It is highly important for us to understand that the figure that we have is our own natural figure. It is of course necessary to maintain what we have but it is futile, even a bit risky sometimes, to try to change it. Due to our family tendencies and the hormonal changes that occur within us with time, our bodies change their shape; this is something that we need to accept.

Similarly, everyone has a different body with different areas where fats are stored. Some people are born with some parts of the body heavier than the other. Some have heavy hips and thighs; some have heavy breasts, while others have bulging bellies.

All of this does not suggest in any way that you have a body that lacks anything. You need to accept what God has given you. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to remain confident and work with what you have. This will give you the attitude necessary for a charismatic personality.

You should learn about your body and the dresses that would help you flatter yourself. Try to learn what dress style best suits you. You can always hide the parts of body that are not flattering by wearing the right type of dresses.

Learn about your body parts that you need to flatter. One thing you should remember is that you should not starve yourself to death in order to lose weight. /you may lose weight, but the proportion of the body parts would remain the same.

If you feel that you have chubby hips and thighs, whereas the upper part of your body is flattering, you should wear those dresses that highlight the upper part of your body and hide the unflattering body parts. Women with this figure should go for long and lengthy tops and should use colours in a manner that all the attention goes to their upper part of the body. They should wear A-line dresses, and in skirts, they should avoid minis and go for longer ones with an A-line style. In pants, preference should be for those that are wide legged, but with low rise.

Women who are fuller in the areas of waist, stomach and breasts should wear dresses that hide these bulky areas. Such women should wear tops with a V-neckline, miniskirts and high rise pants; this would give them a better and attractive look. Do not wear anything that draws attention to your waist. By following these tips you would definitely look beautiful.

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