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Steps To Get Perfect Finish On Woodwork And Wood

Steps To Get Perfect Finish On Woodwork And Wood


Steps To Get Perfect Finish On Woodwork And Wood

by Joanna Harris

The wood to be worked on whether interior or exterior is the first and foremost consideration. The interior and exterior are very much similar but it affects the type of paint chosen - interior or exterior woodwork paint. Lets start with looking at painting interior wood.

Step:1- is to ensure that the surface is clean to work from. All remains of earlier paint jobs, stains etc is to be cleaned off. To achieve the clean surface, sanding can be opted for.

Step 2 - is making sure your base and stain are compatible. Do not mix and match - it is best to use both products from the same manufacturer.

Step 3 - The nearby surfaces should be protected from spills, splatters and drips. Having tarpaulins, drip cloths and handy rags help.

Step 4 - Ensure that the surface is smooth. The surface should be smoothed and all blemishes should be filled in so that the paint does not highlight it all the more. Next is applying primer to all spots which have been repaired or are bare to give a smooth look.

Step 5 - To achieve the straightest lines and clean edges have the edges taped off. The brush should have a wet edge to lessen brush marks and keep a cleaner crisper edge. Clean and maintain your brushes to get best results.

Step 6 - Lastly, the best finish to match the interiors should be chosen be it satin, gloss or matte.

When painting exterior wood, the process does not differ much.

Step 1 - is a clean surface, power washers, putty knives and scrapers are the best way to achieve that. Chemical cleaners are an option but less safe and more expensive.

Step 2 - Priming is the second step. If most of a coat of is intact then you need do touch-up priming. Counter sink nails or screws and prime over for a smoother finish and to cut down on rust damage in the future. Select primer and base that are compatible.

Check that the paint should be exterior paint paying attention to its finish if matte, satin or gloss. The style of the building and the neighborhood area of the property should be kept in mind while choosing the color.

The instruction should be properly read and followed. Proper time should be allowed between layers or primer and paint. Time to dry is vital for proper sticking of primer and paint to last for long long times to come and to have a perfect finish.

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