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Speed Guitar Techniques - Helpful Tips To Get Faster On The Guitar

Speed Guitar Techniques - Helpful Tips To Get Faster On The Guitar


Speed Guitar Techniques - Helpful Tips To Get Faster On The Guitar

by Kyle Hoffman

Learning basic techniques on the guitar is a great experience, but learning speed guitar techniques takes even more dedication and motivation than you probably had to begin with. Really, it's not a huge hurdle to develop some speed when playing, but you will need a great deal of patience to reach the level you desire. Here are a few helpful techniques that can get your fingers moving a little faster on the electric guitar.

1. Weak fingers need to be addressed and improved. You're not going to be improving on the technique of your speed playing if all your fingers are not strong enough to adapt. Hone in on those weak fingers and get them more involved in your guitar riffs to make them stronger and able to handle your new speed goal.

2. Practice with resistance to get your fingers in shape. If you get frustrated by the speed that your fingers are going now, a way to improve is by adding some resistance while you practice by using finger weights. Slide these special weights onto your fingers and practice for about a weak. When you remove the weights, you'll find your playing speed to increase quite a bit.

3. Don't let any of your fingers sit on the sidelines. You can't expect to play to your full potential if you don't utilize all of the tools that are available to you like all four of your fingers. If you have fingers that are being neglected, make a promise that you'll change up your recent licks or riffs to include them and improve your technique.

4. Scales will get you ready to perform the real stuff. When your fingers are immediately playing songs or other performance material, you lose out on an important pre-playing technique which is playing scales. Not only will scales get your fingers loose and ready, but you'll learn valuable note combinations that can aide you in fast soloing compositions.

5. Focus on one difficult project at a time. Guitarists sometimes have the urge to take on more musical endeavors than they can actually handle, and that's too overwhelming. Use one riff or song as a speed goal and base all of your work around that one project. Taking one project at a time is a more efficient way to increase your technique and speed on the guitar.

6. The tips of your fingers are all you need. You'll know when a guitarist is using more than just the tips of their fingers when they play because they fumble all over the fret board. Give your hand a nice curve and focus on only letting your fingertips touch the fret board for solid crisp notes.

Learning the guitar is a very fun process, but speeding up your finger movements can be a stressful time. Put these 6 tips to some good use, have a little patience, and see if you can start burning through your favorite guitar riffs a little faster.

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