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Some Ways To Show We Support Our Military Men and Women

Some Ways To Show We Support Our Military Men and Women


Some Ways To Show We Support Our Military Men and Women

by Connor Sullivan

To anyone unfamiliar with equipment used to track on the ground activities in war torn countries there is a long list of required gear. In order to see covert activity that is not clearly visible to the naked eye Night Vision Goggles can make all the difference. For safety in airplanes that fly low to the ground in dangerous zones there are Flight Helmets that can provide added protection to the pilots in case of crash landings from unexpected enemy fire. While these items are foreign to most of Americans, there are many ways we can support our troops who are serving in other countries and are doing their best to keep us safe. Listed below are a few ways that even young people can assist our effort to remember our military men and women who are sacrificing to keep our borders safe.

Care packages that are loaded with everyday items that are rarely available to the military person are greeted with enthusiasm. Chewing gum, candy, and kool-aid or any drink mix where you just add water are welcome and fun items to receive. Useful articles are soft washcloths, chapstick for parched lips, sunscreen, razors and even baby wipes for a quick cleanup when bathing is not at all possible. Fun things to send are card games, writing paper and envelopes, and favorite magazines. Any personalized selection of items is welcomed by men and women far away from home.

Helping a family of a military person is at all times a considerate and valued thing to do. A simple gesture such as fixing up a small chore around the house or helping with yard work is an invaluable aid to a spouse who is already stretched thin by taking care of the family alone. In the cases where young people have moms or dads who are stationed far away, attending a dance or musical recital or a ballgame is a show of interest and support for them. They miss the presence of their parent more than ever at these events when everyone else is surrounded by family members.

Holidays are long and lonely when a member of the family is far away. If at all possible to include a military family in your holiday plans it is a great idea. This sort of people getting together is a reminder to them that their loved one will be home and celebrating with them soon.

A small gesture such as flying an American flag shows support for our troops. Americans have long been known for personal patriotism and that is such an encouragement to a military family who is sacrificing time away from their loved one.

Sending a card or letter to a friend or neighbor who is serving in the military is such a considerate action and is always appreciated. Sharing neighborhood news, talking about favorite sports teams and even sending pictures of familiar places that you enjoy going to together are reminders of home that can boost the spirits of anyone.

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