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Some Great Advise Before Getting That First Tattoo

Some Great Advise Before Getting That First Tattoo


Some Great Advise Before Getting That First Tattoo

by Larry K. Lavine

Are you at the point that you are fairly confident that you need to get your very first tattoo, but don't actually know which one to get? I have been there and know precisely how it can feel to be looking for the first tattoo design that you actually desire on your body for the rest of your life. Some people such as myself spend plenty of time thinking up different tattoo designs, or spend plenty of time looking through books trying to find something that is unique and fun enough to essentially want on our bodies.

It's not as if you can just rub a tattoo off if you do not like how it looks, so try to get pro art the first time. I'm not referring to the tattoo artist mind you, but instead the picture that he or she'll use as a guide for the tattoo that they'll be putting on your body. There are some other points to consider as well that you need to think about before getting your first tattoo.

The first decision you need to make is often the hardest for people, explaining why I spend so much time talking about it. You would really want to take a look at the tattoo designs a professional can make you. It is not expensive at all to do that either.

If you concentrate on it, you can buy a single painting from an artist for a couple thousands greenbacks, but getting tattoo designs is far cheaper. In fact, they are so cheap you might be truly shocked. For literally dimes on the dollar I got a handful of ideas and rather than not having the ability to find something I liked, I almost now had too many possibilities.

That's a good position to be in, and it's because of this I am convinced that getting a top quality piece of artwork from a professional artist should be your first step. It really only makes sense to when you consider how little it costs and you will have that tattoo on your body forever.

For others, it's the exact opposite and if you are in such a profession, you need to consider that before deciding on where to get your tattoo. If as an example your work in a conservative environment and wear short sleeves, getting a tattoo on your arm may be a poor call.

The 2nd thing to give a bit of thought to is how big you need your design to be? Will a full back sized unicorn still look like a unicorn or more like a sickly pony in forty years? Smaller tattoo's appear to retain their appearance for longer amounts of time, so consider the size upfront. This is important being this is your first tattoo.

Now we are down to number one, did you remember it? The worst newbie mistake on the planet when it comes to getting your first tattoo - what was it? It was using the generic art in tattoo shops. Remember, this is something you will have for the rest of your life, and it's not worth living an entire life of regret over a tattoo when you can spend so very little up front and start with a really top quality work of art to begin with.

About the Author:
Larry, a devotedtattooist, has spent many time researching tattoos and has some great reviews on his site regarding Black And White Tattoo Designs and Upper Back Tattoo Designs. Check outat his sites for more information.

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