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Some First-Rate Movie Story Lines

Some First-Rate Movie Story Lines


Some First-Rate Movie Story Lines

by Julie Shannon

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The Fragile Delinquent: Jerry's first solo attempt after separating with Dean Martin has him as late who gets to be a cop with McGavin's help. Cast Jerry Lewis, Martha Hyer, Darren McGavin, Horace McMahon, and Milton Frome. (100 minutes, 1957)

La Nuit de Varennes: Clever historical legend has such renowned entities as Casanova and Thomas Paine cross roads at the time of the French Rebellion. Cast includes Marcello Mastroianni, Jean-Louis Barrault, Hanna Schygulla, Harvey Keitel, and Jean-Claude Brialy. (133 minutes, 1982)

The Face of Fu Manchu: The deaths in London continue, convincing Scotland Yards that the evil Fu Manchu is still alive in spite of people witnessing his execution. The film is set in an incredible 1920s environment, with an excellent global cast. Cast includes Christopher Lee, Nigel Green, James Robertson Law, Howard Marion-Crawford, Tsai Chin, and Walter Rilla. (96 minutes, 1965)

Luther: Authentic however placid American film Theatre re-creation of John Osborne's play in regards to Martin Luther (Keach), leader of the Lutheran Reformation. Cast includes Stacy Keach, Patrick Magee, Hugh Griffith, Robert Stephens, Alan Badel, and Judi Dench. (112 minutes, 1973)

Nunzio: Retarded Brooklyn market delivery boy Proval envisions he's Superman and then falls in love with bakery associate Feldshuh. Soft tale improved by Proval's fine acting. Cast includes David Proval, James Andronica, Tovah Feldshuh, Morgana Baron, Vincent Russo, Theresa Saldana, and Monica Lewis. (87 minutes, 1978)

Seminole: Adept cast in uncommon drama in reference to sincere cavalry lieutenant Hudson trying to help Indian tribe's attempts to prevail free of white man's law. Cast includes Rock Hudson, Barbara Hale, Anthony Quinn, Richard Carlson, Hugh O'Brian, Russell Johnson, Lee Marvin, and James Best. (87 minutes, 1953)

The General Died at Dawn: Fine, powerful drama of Oriental enthrall, with mercenary Cooper falling in love with foreign agent Carroll when fighting sinister warlord Tamiroff. Cast includes Gary Cooper, Madeleine Carroll, Akim Tamiroff, Dudley Digges, Porter Chamber, and William Frawley. (97 minutes, 1936)

Murderous Maids: A new take on the infamous 1933 murder case that rocked most of France. Christine Papin (Testud) and her younger sibling Lea, like their mommy before them, work as house maids. However, Christine's simmering resentment of her mom, her circumstance, and her administrators starts to wear on her in assorted damaging ways. Cast includes Sylvie Testud, Julie-Marie Parmentier, Isabelle Renauld, Jean-Gabriel Nordmann, and Marie Donnio. (94 minutes, 2000)

Aguirre the Wrath of God: Commanding, spellbinding story of misled conquistador who leads a group of gentlemen away from Pizarro's 1560 South American journey looking for 7 cities of gold. Dreamlike film was shot on location in remote Amazon forests; Kinski is perfect as the crazy Aguirre. Cast includes Klaus Kinski, Ruy Guerra, Del Negro, Helena Rojo, Cecilia Rivera, and Peter Berling. (94 minutes, 1972)

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