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Some Complete Cinematic Film Plot Lines

Some Complete Cinematic Film Plot Lines


Some Complete Cinematic Film Plot Lines

by Cherie Stephens

For years now, the video store was the way to get movies. Now, with internet usage exploding, movie downloads are becoming very popular. Let's look at what you might find to watch using a movie download site.

My 6 Loves: Debbie Reynolds stars in this sappy drama about adopting six children. Cast includes Debbie Reynolds, Cliff Robertson, David Janssen, Eileen Heckart, Hans Conried, Alice Pearce, and Jim Backus. (PG, 101 minutes, 1963)

Clue: Stupid joke whodunit based on the trendy board game of the identical name with all the recognizable characters Mrs. Peacock, Colonel Mustard, Miss Red, et al. assembled for a murderous day in a Victorian mansion. Everyone tries extremely tough-too tough, as long as the script, by first-time characteristic controller Lynn, is so thin; addle-brained Brennan and puckish butler Curry materialize off best. While this played theatrically, spectators noticed one of 3 substitute endings. Cast includes Eileen Brennan, Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, Martin Ponder, and Howard Hesseman. (87 minutes, 1985)

The Rock: General Francis Hummel is angry with the U.S. government for not honoring men he has because they died during covert operations. HE is so angered by this rebuke that he takes a group of tourists visiting the now closed prison of Alcatraz, and holds them hostage. He plans to unleash poisonous gases upon the city of San Francisco if his demands are not met. The unlikely team of a biological weapons expert, and a former prisoner of Alcatraz, must sneak onto the island and attempt to thwart the plot.

Nomad: On the desolate steppes of 18th-century Kazakhstan, when opponent tribes battle for freedom, mystic combatant Oraz saves a baby descended from Genghis Khan who is destined to join the country as "Mansur". Historical fable has nasty sabers-on-horseback fights and excellent production layout (genuine human being add-ons) however trudging storytelling. Cast includes Kuno Becker, Jay Hernandez, Jason Scott Lee, and Mark Dacascos. (110 minutes, 2005)

Ocean's Eleven: Fresh out of jail, Danny Ocean is ready for action. He plans to rob the casinos in Las Vegas. He puts together a brilliant team that will total eleven. Will this daring attempt work, and make the team all millionaires? Time will tell.

Chicken Run: The chickens want to fly the coup in this animated, family comedy. Mrs. Tweedy, the greedy farm owner has other plans, and not only thwarts their escape, but threatens to make chicken pie out of them if egg production doesn't stay up to standards. All hope seems lost until Rocky shows up and helps the chickens make a more elaborate and daring escape attempt.

The Light That Failed: This is a fine cast of a Kipling melodrama of London actor Colman going blind, decided to finish photograph of Lupino, whose florid Cockney behavior robs film. Cast includes Ronald Colman, Walter Huston, Ida Lupino, Dudley Digges, Muriel Angelus, Fay Helm, and Francis McDonald. (97 minutes, 1939)

The Forgotten: A mother still mourning for her child, who died more than a year ago, is informed that she never even had a child! She declines to trust this and doggedly searches for the truth, which leads her into unexplored places. Cast includes Julianne Moore, Dominic West, Gary Sinise, Anthony Edwards, Alfre Woodani, Linus Roache, Robert Knowledge, and Jessica Hecht. (91 minutes, 2004)

Absolute Beginners: This film is a British musical. The musical themes are jazzed based with Sade included in the performance. The film is set in London in the late 50's, with young men and women coming of age as the setting. Eddie O'Connell, Patsy Kensit, David Bowie, and James Fox star. (1986 musical)

Okay, if your looking for downloads, try phrases like "View Movies Online". If the first search proves ineffective type in something different. "Download Music" would be worth a try.

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