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Solar Panel Ground Mounts - A Comparison of the 5 Best Materials

Solar Panel Ground Mounts - A Comparison of the 5 Best Materials


Solar Panel Ground Mounts - A Comparison of the 5 Best Materials

by Erik Bueche

If you have decided to mount your solar panels on a ground system, then it is likely for a number of reasons. Perhaps, you have to many for a pole mounting system, or maybe your panels are simply too heavy for your existing roof structure. Whatever the case may be, it is now important to consider the materials you will use for the construction of your ground mounting system. Solar panel ground mounts are an excellent alternative to traditional roof mounting. But it is important that you do all your research in advance, before you start any construction.

Here are a few of the options you should look at:

1) Steel - Considered to be one of the strongest materials known to exist, steel definitely have its problems. The biggest issue with steel is going to be its high capability to attract rust. This can be especially multiplied if you live in an area with high humidity. However, with a bit of maintenance, steel solar panel ground mounts can be a worth investment.

2) Stainless Steel - This material is considered to be one of the best ground mount materials available in the solar panel market. Available in a variety of allows, stainless steel solar panel ground mounts provide excellent protection against weather, rust, and other environmental hazards. With the right alloy blend, it can be easy to drill, simple to weld, and much stronger & more economical than regular steel.

3) Galvanized Steel - Considered to be one of the hardest materials to weld and drill, galvanized steel is much stronger than most materials. This is because the material has been strengthened in an industrial process. Despite its difficulties, it also the most versatile. Galvanized solar panel ground mounts come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and angles, allowing you to design the mounting system you want.

4) Aluminum - Considered to be the standard material in the solar construction industry, aluminum is considered lightweight, extremely strong, and resistant to corrosion. So why doesn't everyone use this material? Well, because aluminum solar panel ground mounts are normally too expensive to mount low cost solar panel system. In addition, this material can support less weight, as it is less strong then steel.

5) Wood - Considered to be one of the weakest materials to use in the solar installation industry, wood should be used sparingly for solar panel ground mounts. It is cheap, but extremely weather prone. Sure, you won't pay that much upfront. But, over time the cost of replacing these mounts over the years can compare or greatly exceed a steel mount construction. If you are going to use wood, make sure to use only treated weather resistant wood, as it last much longer than regular wood.

All of these common materials are a starting point in the construction of your solar panel ground mounts. It is important to do all your research to find out which material is best in your own situation. There is no perfect answer, only the right answer for your own solar panel project.

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