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Social Networking Designs And Development - The Latest Emerging Genre

Social Networking Designs And Development - The Latest Emerging Genre


Social Networking Designs And Development - The Latest Emerging Genre

by James Rockie

Social networking websites are the latest emerging genre of community-based websites where you can find a common platform to share your interests. There is possibility of social interaction among various ethnic groups who can share thoughts on a particular topic or theme. This is way better than commonly used method such as emails and instant messaging. This is a latest form of interaction and most widely spread among every age group.

These social networking sites have become successful in breaking human isolation and thus have created the environment of social communication. This has successfully awakened the general mass. MySpace, Facebook, orkut, Hi5 etc have become the popular sites for social networking. These social networking sites have become so popular that hey have found application in medical, engineering and many other business prospects. LinkedIn, a social networking site has over 20 million registered professionals from around 150 different streams and working domain who have come together. They have engaged themselves in commercially viable discussion and share their opinions, business goals, experience and interests. This interaction has made it possible for the professionals to exchange ideas and know more about others product assembly line with much less efforts.

For health care professionals there are sites like Sobercircle, Patientslikeme, etc. provide scope for the health care professionals and even for the patients to interact one to one basis. This helps the patients to know better about their diseases and possible remedies. These sites have made arrangements to secure the name and profile of an individual user.

Social network sites are now more visited rather than personal email. Some social network has grown enormously such that they can even be compared to entire country in terms of its population. There are various aspects to make a social network more users friendly and more attractive to the users.

For the success of any website the developer must focus on the design of the site. It should be such designed that the visitor gets engaged immediately and are drawn to the site. Users try to grasp within seconds of reaching the home page what the site has to offer. Most users are not much inclined to figure out what a website is for if it is not apparent within few seconds. Thus the developer should focus more on a simple tag line, use of proper graphics, site's title, etc. it should have something to get engaged for both new as well as returning visitors other than signing in. They should get proper opportunity to explore what the particular site is about.

Social networking sites are basically made so that one can express himself. Some networking sites give full freedom to the users to make changes in their profile as they wish and some restrict on design options.

Social networking sites are much more dynamic. They allow content to change constantly with the latest popular and valuable information.

Social networking sites are more about making friends so there is always a chance of their number getting increased each day. So making them into a group is quite important. This helps in sorting out friends in respect to your work friends, college friends, casual acquaintances, close friends etc.

The site should make it easy for users to communicate which is the entire point of joining a social network. The developer should concentrate on private messages, public messages or comments, live chat etc that are basic in a social networking site.

About the Author:
Many consultancies have dedicated themselves for better social network design. They provide quality branding and website marketing services. These consultancies try to develop social network designby maximizing the creative process keeping the latest trends in mind. Better it is required so that it is user friendly and gets more attention.

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