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Social Media Service To Expand Your Business Network

Social Media Service To Expand Your Business Network


Social Media Service To Expand Your Business Network

by Brian Wong

Irrespective of who you are, if you a job seeker or an entrepreneur and if you are on the hunt for an additional asset to help build your personal brand, then certainly LinkedIn is not a bad idea. This social media service is not just a virtual resume but it can even act a cover letter, references document, contacts database, and even get you platform where you can start building your business network in a professional manner.

If you are unsure on how to get into this, here are few steps that will help you build an excellent brand on LinkedIn.

On the outset, you?ll need to brand your profile. Your LinkedIn profile needs to be perfect since it is the prime thing that will be observed by recruiter and business prospects. While you perfectly check for any possible spelling or grammar mistakes and do the necessary changes, fill everything and try to fill in all the essential details.

After considering the above, your next step will be to expand your network. Use the email and social network screening tools to automatically analyze if any of your contacts are already using LinkedIn. You can even add all those whom you feel will be able to help in your business.

Work on positioning yourself as a leader. If you have a great profile and have a large network, try becoming a leader on LinkedIn. For this, you will have to gain followers and attention. Participate in a few things such as, starting a group, starting an event or asking and answering questions so that you could seem a valuable contributor to your network.

It is better to use LinkedIn as a part of your brand strategy. When it comes to personal branding, you have to consider it as one piece of puzzle and supplement LinkedIn with your profiles on other social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. Also, ensure that your profiles are consistent and that you make use of the same avatar, your full name and personal branding statement.

Personal branding on LinkedIn can help others find you and get you access to all of them whom you feel can be helpful for your brand. Therefore, considering these steps can ensure that you are on your way to success.

About the Author:
Brian Wong is a serial entrepreneur and social media marketing expert. Connect with Brian Wong on Facebook at facebook.com/brianwong.tv

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