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Skip Traditional Lenders By Utilizing Owner Financing

Skip Traditional Lenders By Utilizing Owner Financing


Skip Traditional Lenders By Utilizing Owner Financing

by Duke Morgan

The concept of owner financing is quite well known in Houston investment property circles. In some cases, potential owners could look for full or part financing based on their specific needs. Sellers generally use owner financing to sell properties at a premium. They also require a mortgage on the property while doing owner financing. While it seems unbelievable that a seller would carry a mortgage, sometimes it is the only recourse. This is because rather than allowing a decline in the value of the property, they would want to facilitate sale by means of owner financing.

When it comes to owner financing, various Houston investment property types in terms of land and other types of real estate can be financed. This means that owner financing is not limited just to traditional homes. Owner financing is also common in situations where a property is in bad shape or else the property has not moved for some time in the property market. Seller financing which is also known as 'rent to own' is where the seller holds the note for you, without calling for any bank or credit checks. It is more commonly preferred by those who want to purchase investment property, rather than by homeowners as such.

In owner financing the seller is helped while steady cash flows are generated and one can set terms like interest rate as well as payment terms too. This is thus a way in which win/win is ensured for all the concerned parties to the deal. In many cases, people are wiling to have the seller of the potential Houston investment property help with the finances, which means that the owner doubles up as the bank too. Terms and conditions are laid out and agreed upon. The buyer pays off the amount according to the terms of the deal without having to go to the bank. There is an option of varying the quantity of payments and this is duly mentioned in the terms and conditions of the contract.

Owner financing is common in a buyer's market for Houston investment property. In order to protect his or her own interests, the seller may require a higher down payment than a mortgage lender would, but usually at lower interest rates than available from traditional lenders. In most cases, owner financing comes from the entrepreneur's savings.

Interest rates on Houston investment property are variable, based upon the Prime rate, with spreads set by financial institutions. Typical spreads are 1.50% to 2.50% over prime, with lower rates to investors with stronger historic debt service coverage. Interest rates of these institutions vary. For getting lower rate, some research work becomes inevitable. Owner financing eliminates this research, as most sellers will agree to a percentage point or more below prime, with a few cases setting up zero interest financing.

If you want to sell off your investment fast and also get a high rate for it, it makes sense to offer owner financing. You may also be able to get first mover advantage and better prices as owner financing makes your Houston investment property much more attractive to prospective buyers. At the same time, it could also mean that your property is one of the first ones to get sold in the local property market. All of which makes owner financing a very advisable and popular proposition in times like these.

About the Author:
Duke Morgan enjoys sharing what he's learned about Houston investment property especially with people interested in Houston real estate.

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