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Signs Of Divorce - The Six Symptoms

Signs Of Divorce - The Six Symptoms


Signs Of Divorce - The Six Symptoms

by Marc Sandford

Is the specter of divorce a possibility for you? It's advisable to focus on the problem now instead of putting your head in the sand.

Avoiding or ignoring your problems will not solve them. They'll eventually blow up and you'll be forced to deal with them.

Even if you feel uncomfortable about addressing it, taking care of the matter now is best. Love can make you blind to the symptoms of a marriage in crisis. Ignorance is not bliss because those small trouble spots can become big problems.

What are these symptoms of a marriage in crisis? Six of these in no special order are:

1.) The joy has gone from your relationship. Whenever you out together, you just feel even more stress.

2.) There is an absence of sex or intimacy. This may indicate that someone is having an affair.

3.) You feel relief and perhaps even happy when your spouse leaves for an extended period of time. You find that being alone is much preferred to the company of your partner.

4.) It's impossible to ever pay any compliments to the other. If anything, criticizing each other has become a habit. You feel that nothing pleases your partner. Because of this, you withdraw and minimize your interactions.

5.) You find that there are unresolvable difficulties between you that stress your marriage.

For instance, tidiness is a cause of tension that is chronic. When each person views the other as the source of the problem, the difficulty lingers and generates more resentment. You might think of your partner as a complete slob, while he or she feels that you're a nag.

Differences in how the two of you view money is a classic source of confrontation. Saving enough money to pay the bills may be your priority while your spouse may feel the need to buy and enjoy the good things in life.

6.) You never talk about the future anymore and can barely manage the day to day concerns.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, don't play the denial game. Deal with it today. You owe it to yourself, and your family.

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