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Selecting Steaks For Gas Grills - Grilling The Best Steak

Selecting Steaks For Gas Grills - Grilling The Best Steak


Selecting Steaks For Gas Grills - Grilling The Best Steak

by Mia Kane

The saying goes "rubbish in equals rubbish out". This applies to grilling a great steak. If it's not great to start with then you will have an almost impossible task trying to make it better during the grilling process.

You start with the quality of the meat. How do you decide how good the meat is and which is best for grilling. It can be very confusing, as a nation of meat eaters, there are so many varieties out there.

If you have a butcher shop nearby, you should definitely buy your meat there, often it is a lot fresher and you can get some good advice from your butcher who will be a specialist. In any event, here are some tips to help you pick that great steak for grilling on your barbecue or gas grill.

What's in A Cut?

To keep it simple, the best cuts for grilling are Rib Eye, T bone, Porterhouse, Strips Steak and Sirloin. This is because they contain more fat, which gives great flavor and makes sure the steak does not dry out on your grill. Other cuts like tenderloin and fillet, well they have less fat and are not so good for grilling. For my money I always go for rib eye. But you should try them all before you choose.

Marbling And Your Steak.

Marbling is the name given to the lines of fat running through the steak. It's a good thing. Marbling means flavor. The marbling should be thin and evenly spread throughout the steak. If the marbling is thick then avoid, as this will make your steak tough.

What Does The Grade Mean?

There are only three different grades of steak. Prime, Choice and Select. You will mostly be grilling with choice or select. The prime cuts are mainly found in restaurants and are expensive. I have always found choice and select great for my grill. Test them out and see, you can get great select rib eye at a reasonable price for your grill.

So for starters test out a rib-eye, T-bone, Porterhouse and Strip to see which one you like the best on your grill.

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