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Select The Perfect Sexy Lingerie For A Gift By Doing A Bit Of Research

Select The Perfect Sexy Lingerie For A Gift By Doing A Bit Of Research


Select The Perfect Sexy Lingerie For A Gift By Doing A Bit Of Research

by Colleen Campbell

Want to give a gift of sexy lingerie to the woman in your life without finding yourself in a pickle? Then, here are a few things you should consider about giving intimate apparel. You should never give a woman such a personal gift if you are not intimately involved. Lingerie shopping requires getting more familiar with the attire and the person who will be wearing it. In order to make a thoughtful selection you've got to do your homework.

Prepping to go shopping for there are quite a few things to keep in mind as you try to find the perfect intimate piece of apparel. You may have to re-define your idea of sexy, what we mean is that your lady's idea of sexy may differ quite dramatically from your own. Some women are more comfortable in clothing such as an oversized t-shirt and boxers or sweats while others may prefer something more revealing.

Some of the fun of gift giving is the surprise element and this is where simple observation plays a part. Sure you could simply discuss her preferences when it comes to sexy clothing but you may find it more interesting and exciting discovering this information yourself. How do you do that? Pay close attention to the clothing she buys herself. What kind of intimate wear makes up her lingerie collection? You may find that her sexiest apparel comprises of flannel pajamas and cotton night gowns, or you may be surprised to find that she loves pretty bras and thong panties, or silky nightgowns and sleepwear robes, or lacy negligees and teddies.

Still haven't got a clue as to kind of intimate clothing you should purchase? Look at her wardrobe. More conservative outerwear may mean the same for her unmentionables. Perhaps you find she is into more revealing clothing that shows off her figure or shoulders or cleavage. If your partner is shy, she may enjoy wearing sleepwear robes or a cotton night gown with lacy or ribbons and bows. On the other hand some women feel sexiest when they are wearing something more revealing like sheer underwear or thong panties or a teddy or lacy negligee.

After settling on the type of intimate wear you think will please her now you've got to decide what color and size to get. Choosing the correct size is important especially with this type of purchase-after all the entire purpose of buying lingerie or other intimate clothing is to let the receiver feel sexy not trampy or overweight. Sizing can be difficult so you may want to peek at the tag on similar clothing. If you're shopping at brick and mortar stores then you can ask for help from the salesperson. Choosing a color is as easy as selecting a classic like black or blue or red or you could simply select some lingerie in her favorite color.

When shopping for apparel of the intimate kind try not to yield to the temptation to buy lingerie that fits your idea of sexy. If the gift is truly intended for the woman in your life consider her personality and style. A little bit of consideration may bring both you and her great pleasure.

About the Author:
Colleen Campbell loves writing articles to help you make great decisions about sexy lingerie. Visit her plus size sexy lingerie website to learn more.

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