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Seeking Out Help To Regain Control Of Your Finances

Seeking Out Help To Regain Control Of Your Finances


Seeking Out Help To Regain Control Of Your Finances

by Alice Perterson

Whenever you visit a park in summers, you will see some rocks lying under a tree. If you lift up these rocks, you will find some bugs down there. Similar is the case of your finances, specially for the white collared people, who may drive magnificent cars, wear new clothes and regularly go to restaurants to eat; their finances are also camouflaged to give a bright picture, whereas the real state is totally different. They get the monthly salary, and it just disappears in a few days when you start making expenditure on groceries, utility bills, rents, credit cards, mortgages etc.

You cannot undo the past decisions, but if you are reasonable with yourself and craft a game plan, you can regain control of your finances. Confront the reality; you know you cannot become rich overnight. You also cannot tighten your belt and make your living awful. You must be reasonable and cut short your expenses wisely. You can go out with your friends, but make it less often. You should buy new clothes, but wait for sales. Below are some of the tips that can lead you to regain control of your finances

You must write down all your expenses to know exactly where your money is going. So, once the month ends, you will know where you have made unnecessary expenditures. In this way, you will be able to cut them down.

Again, grab a paper and pen and calculate your income and expenses like rent, utilities, mortgage, child support payments etc. Use this information to make your monthly budget and assign the saved amount to pay your debts. You have to make this commitment with yourself that you will be going to pay yourself first. A suggestion is to write the amount on your cheque book every time you make a spending; it will tell you how much you can spend each month and when you will hit your limit.

It is always advisable to make your payments on the credit cards and loans on time, and pay your bills before the due date. The reason behind this is that the banks and credit card companies raise the interest rates on late payments. It takes time to process the cheque, even if you have mailed them many days ago. In this way, the companies take more money from you by imposing high rate of interest on the late payments. Therefore, you must drop the cheque in the drop box minimum a week before the due date to stay out of any hassle.

One other useful suggestion is to transfer the balance form all of your cards to the one that has the lowest rate of interest. If you have fair dealings with the company in the past, they will give you some relaxation in case of late payments.

Most of us have a habit of not reading our monthly statements. The good thing to do is that you must ask the company to send you the statement, once or twice in the month. In this way, you will be able to know the charges that you have paid during the month and mark out the fake ones. In this way, you can lodge complain against them and demand your payments.

You should always have good relationship with the bank and the credit union, which will help you a lot in managing your finances well. Following the above suggestion will definitely help you in regaining control over your finances.

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