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Seattle Criminal Attorney Explains Trial Rights

Seattle Criminal Attorney Explains Trial Rights


Seattle Criminal Attorney Explains Trial Rights

by Ace Smith

Every person accused of a crime in the United States is provided certain rights. These include certain rights at trial. The idea behind these rights is to make the process as fair as possible. The founders of the country didn't like the idea of innocent people being locked up, so they gave us some help. Now pay attention as a Seattle criminal attorney explains what you get.

As most people know everyone has the right to an attorney. Traditionally there are two ways to get a criminal lawyer. You can go out and hire one. Or, if you cannot afford a criminal attorney, one will be appointed to you to help you on your case. We won't get into which is better today, but there are some advantages to one over the other.

Next, you have the right to a jury trial. We all know what a jury trial is - 6 or 12 of your peers (depending on what kind of case it is) listening to all of the evidence and making a determination of your guilt at the end of it all. You can waive this right if you want, but most of the time a jury is the best way to go.

After that we have the right to question and confront witnesses who will be testifying against you. This is an important one, known as the confrontation clause. People can't just make wild accusations against you with no recourse. You get to challenge their statements, in open court.

Just as the prosecution gets to call witness on their behalf, you get to questions witnesses on your behalf. If there are other people that can add to the story, you get to call them up and let them tell it. I'd advise though, that you let your Seattle criminal lawyer decide to to call and who not to call.

You also have the right to testify, and the right not to testify on your own behalf. And, if you choose not to testify, this fact cannot be held against you. Essentially it's up to the prosecutor to prove you did something, not you to prove you didn't. So you don't have to do anything at trial if you don't want to.

Being accused of a crime in the U.S. is a very scary thing. But, at least you can rest easy knowing you are in a country that at least gives you an opportunity to be exonerated. And a good criminal defense attorney can help with that.

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