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Scuba Diving in San Diego: How Great Is The Adventure?

Scuba Diving in San Diego: How Great Is The Adventure?


Scuba Diving in San Diego: How Great Is The Adventure?

by Allyn Cutts

Planning where to go on your next diving adventure, you can consider scuba diving in San Diego with all it has to offer. See the bounty underwater with the locations to stop at. Your diving will be packed with things to see from kelp forests to shipwrecks. We will discuss some of the places to go to explore these things.

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La Jolla Shores attracts many divers each year in San Diego. It has a drop off about 100 yards from the shoreline. The depth goes from 50 feet all the way down to more than 800 feet with ledges along the way. There are numerous types of sea life that can be seen including shovel-nose sharks, sea stars, and stingrays.

In the spring of the year you can see the squid spawn too. It is quite a sight because you can be surrounded by squid during this time. Don't worry about being certified before you get there. You can get certified at La Jolla Shore, this is another advantage of scuba diving in San Diego.

Another worth paying a visit to is La Jolla Cove. It is part of an ecological preserve; this means that no living within it can be harmed whatsoever. This bay is always busy with the local marine life as if they know they are protected in it from harm. Although, in this area the visibility is not always clear enough to see everything which is the only bad thing, but on the good days expect for a clear view! Large number of lobsters can be seen, but take note you cannot catch them, so just enjoy watching them doing their thing.

For several reasons, Casa Cove appeals to scuba divers. One reason for this is that all throughout the year, the seals drop in on this spot to beach. They find delight to sun on a rock just off the shore. Further reason to do scuba diving in San Diego and here is due to all the lobsters that can be observed in this area.

Kelp beds are not to miss. Around La Jolla, one set of the beds can be found with the other being at Pt. Loma. Stretches from about 30 feet down to about 60 feet is the kelp's depth. Due to a lower amount of sand, visibility is usually favorable around these areas than other. You can arrange with a local dive boat that will take you to these beds. When you dive these areas, make sure to gear yourself with a knife to cut you lose in the kelp, in case you become tangled.

South Casa Cove is the answer for those who seek to go spear fishing. It isn't distant from Casa Cove. Reefs in this area are what lures the marine life and makes spear fishing so much enjoyable. Since hunting is allowed here the fish will be scarce, along with the fact that seals eat them too.

Certainly, there's a lot to make out when you do scuba diving in San Diego within these areas. Whether you are seeing the lobsters or doing spear fishing, you will be having a great adventure. It could be so much fun as well watching the seals play.

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