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Screaming Tips - Get Better At Extreme Vocals By Doing It Correctly

Screaming Tips - Get Better At Extreme Vocals By Doing It Correctly


Screaming Tips - Get Better At Extreme Vocals By Doing It Correctly

by Kyle Hoffman

Practicing extreme vocals for your hardcore or metal band is a good way to give your band's sound a little more of a collective push in the right direction. However, perfecting a powerful and safe scream can be a very difficult process to complete without a few helpful tips.

Screaming takes some patience and time to learn how to do really well, but lucky for you, it's not impossible to learn. See if these screaming tips can push your development a little further and add that new element to your band.

1. Push your scream from a yell. There are screamers who like to start their screams as yells first and then push them into a very highly distorted state giving them the most possible volume. Advisably, only begin trying this early in the morning when your vocals are very loose and more capable of being pushed into a distorted state.

2. Use less of your voice for highs and lows. Making piercing highs and dirty lows can be accomplished by using less of your actual vocal chords and more throat manipulation. Give lots of air when attempting and you should hear some pretty shrill sounds coming from your lips.

3. Constantly record yourself. Keeping recordings of yourself is a good idea if you want to make some solid improvement. You can listen back and make notes on what sounds good and what needs improvement for the next time.

4. Turn criticism into improvement. Criticism is a natural part of being a performer, and it's usually by people that have no business telling you what to do. The only thing you can do is turn those criticisms into opportunities to do better and to improve.

5. Sign-up for online singing courses. Although singing sounds like it's completely in another ball park for screamers, it's the foundation of the muscle manipulation that you must learn. Research some very fine singing programs online and try to learn the most effective ways to stay on top of your game.

6. A good sound system at band practice will save you some pain. If you can't hear yourself at band practice, it's not the end of the world, but you can't push your voice for compensation. Talk to your band mates about getting a better sound system or wear some earplugs so that you can hear yourself at least.

Screaming is a powerful talent that can take music down a very extreme route if it's done effectively and correctly. Try these screaming tips out for yourself and start making some ears bleed during your next hardcore show.

About the Author:
Kyle Hoffman is an accomplished rock and hardcore vocalist that has been singing and screaming in a number of successful bands for years. To learn his most important tips on how to sing well and scream well, visit For Vocal Singing now!

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