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Saving on Office Supplies and Equipment

Saving on Office Supplies and Equipment


Saving on Office Supplies and Equipment

by Beth Green

Successful business growth is directly linked to effective cost control. While office supplies, such as computers, faxes, photo copying machines, printers, software, and stationery, may not seem to make much of a difference to the bottom line, the fact is by using effective cost control, you can potentially save your business thousands. Today's current successful businesses consider office supplies very serious expenditures and properly track these costs. The following are a few tips your business can use to help control costs associated with office supplies.

You can find competitive prices at warehouse clubs but with limited selection. Warehouses, like other retailers, mark up their prices as much as 15% and pass that on. Simply meaning that your deal is only as good as theirs was. Warehouses also demand annual membership fees.

Larger packaging does not always mean inexpensive, it means larger packaging. Some stores have been found to charge more per unit in a large package knowing you think it's cheaper. It's best to compare the bulk item to a non bulk item unit price. It can come out to being less expensive to buy more small packs than it is to buy one large one.

Additionally, you may use the internet to help coordinate your search for the best price options. Taking a little time and comparing sales between stores, you should quickly find a store that you prefer over the others, specifically one offering excellent quality products, a larger assortment of them, and at the best rates. Although many retail stores claim that they offer office supplies at very low prices, be sure that these products are actually high quality brand name items that you are familiar with in the first place.

Sometimes one store may have incentive offers that are better for you than purchasing at your regular store, take advantage of this. An example would be; buy 50 notepads and receive 50 pens free. Some even give specific discounts if your business fits a specified criteria. An NGO, for example would be exempt from paying sales tax. Don't delay, start cutting costs today.

About the Author:
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