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Samsung Vs Sony - Cutting Edge LED LCD TV Encounter

Samsung Vs Sony - Cutting Edge LED LCD TV Encounter


Samsung Vs Sony - Cutting Edge LED LCD TV Encounter

by Christian Stogner

Light emitting diodes or LEDs are appearing in more and more products. Flashlights are a typical example of this - using new technology in old products. If they are becoming so popular what are the advantages of LEDs over traditional bulbs?

A LED is composed of two semiconductors. When an electrical charge is applied, electrons move between the semiconductors and light is emitted. This produces less heat than a traditional bulb that uses a filament wire inside a vacuum tube.

The heat produced in glass bulbs in time causes the filament to burn out and need to be replaced. LEDs do not have this problem and they have been known to illuminate continuously for over 10 years.

Not only has Samsung worked their magic in the Samsung LED LCD TV line, but they have also advanced the LED DLP TV sets in leaps and bounds.

Though such technology comes with a very expensive price tag, LED LCD TV still stirs interest among television enthusiasts. Pioneer brands have emerged with their own models but two brands appeared to be more competitive - the Samsung A950 LED LCD and the Sony XBR8 Series.

The older versions of the DLP system used a high power arc lamp as the light source for the DLP system. There was also a spinning color wheel used in those original devices. What Samsung has done with their new line of LED DLP TV technology is to take the best of the old and improve on it greatly.

However, they differ not only in price but also the LED backlighting technology used. Although all three uses hundred of LEDs positioned behind the screen, Sony uses a three-color LED set-up while LG and Samsung use white LEDs on their screens.

So which LED technology is better? Is it Samsung's white light LED backlight or the three-colored technology of Sony?

ut then again, it will all depend on your requirements of a good LED LCD HDTV. If Sony's Triluminous technology appears to you more, and if you have the budget for it, then go buy it.

Also, Vizio, which has just taken over the number two spot (over Sony) as the largest plasma HDTV supplier in the United States (4th Qtr. 2008), has just announced that they will be discontinuing plasma production in the next few weeks of this writing. I believe that speaks volumes for the future of HDTV.

The Samsung LED HDTV line is leading the way to the future of HDTV. Take a quick look at Amazon and you'll quickly see that Samsung is the best, and most poplar LED DLP TV, and LED LCD TV on the market.

About the Author:
Christian writes for 32" HDTV Reviews and gives you a great RCA L32HD41 Reviews.

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