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Safety Precautions You Cannot Afford To Miss

Safety Precautions You Cannot Afford To Miss


Safety Precautions You Cannot Afford To Miss

by Louis Jones

Being in position, which is considered as "safe" is known as safety. This means being sheltered from any kind of objective, social, financial, spiritual, political, emotional, occupational, psychological, educational, or any other form or consequences of failure, damage, human, or mechanical error, accidents, harm, or any other unfortunate event, which can be considered fatal. This includes, but is not limited to protection from any causes leading to health, or economical failures. It also incorporates guard of people, or of their belongings.

There is only a certain extent to which safety can be attained as it is not physically possible to eliminate all kinds of risks for a long period of time. Not only would that be difficult, but also quite costly. In more practical terms, safety is a state when risks are minimized, and in a position where they are controllable. Therefore, safety has certain standards of guarantee and insurance factors in relation to a specific object and its operation in an organization.

In order to provide safety, many activities and precautions are undertaken. These include standard procedures within many corporations such as the Visual examinations for harmful factors or flaws (usual in buildings), Root cause Analysis (system failures detection), Chemical Analysis for harmful substances in the work place environment, X-Ray Analysis (for checking sealed areas like walls, welds, or inner metallic surfaces) and Destructive Testing for use on any familiar trials.

Moreover, many of these precautions involve training of workforce so that they could be implemented in their work place. Such precautions include the Safety Margins (a maximum limit on the working of specific procedures), Stress Testing (involves setting a limit on the use of products, and even the time of workers before stress sets in), Standard Protocols and Procedures, Staff Training, Instruction Manuals, Instruction Videos, and Frequent Examinations of work duties to keep a check on the working.

Also, to monitor, and regulate these precautions, there are various laws and regulations, which may include, but are not limited to Government Regulations, Industry Specific Regulations, Self-imposed Regulations (e.g. within various company policies), Ethical Statements, Alcohol, and Drug Testing of employees, Physical Examinations, Periodic Evaluations and Various Surveys (Geological, Financial, Social, etc.).

Also, there are many organisations that exist in order to ensure that safety rules are being followed at work and home. These are both voluntary and subsidised organisations from the government. The British Standards Institution (BSI) in Great Britain is one such organisation which works for creating safety standards and provides relevant support in multinational corporations. BSI is the biggest safety certification body in the entire world.

These were the precautions being implemented at work, but at home, you are responsible for your own safety and of your family members. It is important that safety is taken just as seriously at home as at work. Rules need to be created and followed. Most of them are quite basic like never going near naked wires, going through the manual before using an electric appliance, switching off gas and electric appliances when not using them, and keeping sharp objects in closed cabinets or drawers. Furthermore, it is also possible to secure your home from thieves and other break-ins by getting a security system installed for your house.

When your are out socially, again it is mostly to do with common sense stuff, e.g. drive safely, and never under the influence of drugs or alcohol, be aware of your surroundings, and people you are looking after, never take any unknown objects from strangers, keep all your personal possessions safe, and so on. Most importantly, stay alert, and remain safe.

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