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RSI - Ways To Utilize The RSI Indicator

RSI - Ways To Utilize The RSI Indicator


RSI - Ways To Utilize The RSI Indicator

by Prema Laga

The RSI indicator is a commonly utilized forex indicator in the forex trading business. It stands for Relative Strength Index. The RSI is a kind of oscillating indicator that is essentially utilized as a Technical Analysis indicator that fluctuates above plus under a line in the center.

It has two bands on either side that indicates overbought plus oversold situation, much like the Bollinger Bands forex indicator.

An exception to an oscillator forex indicator would be the MACD which does not have an upper as well as lower band present. As far as banded oscillators are concerned, the RSI is the probably the most broadly used version in technical analysis.

Simply put, the RSI is a technical indicator that measures momentum of a particular instrument as well as pointing out extreme overbought as well as oversold situation. The RSI accomplishes this by comparing the size of new gains of a financial instrument to the size of its new losses.

It fluctuates between 0 and 100. Both bands are placed at 30 in addition to 70 respectively. The market is considered overbought when the RSI line touches 70. Should it drop to 30 instead, conditions are thought to be oversold.

The center dividing line is at the value of 50. There are numerous different ways a trader can apply RSI in their trading systems. The easiest use is of course, identifying overbought along with oversold conditions.

Regularly, when the RSI indicator hits either the 70 or 30 lines, traders get ready for a potential market reversal. Another technique employed with the RSI is called RSI divergence. In RSI divergence, the probability of a reversal taking place is likely if the trend of the line plus market price are opposite.

The RSI can also me utilized as a cross over system. Cross over RSI is generally thought to be somewhat unreliable however. It is simple to implement. Buy if the RSI crosses over 50. If the RSI drops under the 50 line, sell. When the market is ranging, stay away from implementing the RSI cross over.

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